Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Random Remembers

I have a stack of papers that has been on my desk forever with pictures, statistics from pediatrician visits, and drawings that Natalie has done. I keep meaning to blog them so that I can throw them away but there they sit, not urgent enough to deal with but sweet enough that I can't get rid of them without first remembering them electronically.

TODAY IS THE DAY! I conquered the stack, threw away some of it that I ended up not even wanting to remember, and taking pictures of the rest so I will have it forever.

Here's the questionnaire that Natalie's primary teacher had her answer for Mother's Day last year. She was 3.

My mom's name is: Jessie
She is: 5 years old
My mom is: small feet tall
Mom and I like to play games - hide and sneak
My mom really loves to play ring around the rosie
Her favorite food is eggs
If she had time, she would really like to read books
My mom is really good at reading
Her favorite color is red
If I could go anywhere in the world with her, we'd go to Lost in Fun
My mom always says don't pop the big pillow
My mom cooks the best eggs
Her job is to help me
My mom laughs when I pray
She really likes it when I watch the Peanuts movie
My mom was a I don't know before she had kids
I love my mom because she's nice

Drawings that I've kept from Natalie....she went through a monster kick a while ago:

 My visiting teacher gave these fun papers to us to fill in the faces - Natalie thought it was really fun and I laughed a lot at her interpretations haha:

STATS from Pediatrics, P.C. for our normal checkups

(I don't know why I kept some of these and threw away others...I guess sometimes I felt like they were important and other times I couldn't be bothered.)

Stockton, 3 years
37.7lb  93%
38"  65%

Jack, 1 year
21.5lb  27%
29.5" 41%

Jack, 15 months
22.6lb 20%
30.5" 31%

Jack, 18 months
24.3  27%
32.25  47%

Natalie, 6 months
17lb  75%
26.75"  80%

Natalie, 9 months
18.12lb  50%
28.5" 80%

Natalie, 4 years
39.7lb  81%
40.25"  61%

Is it weird that I feel sad/nostalgic going through these stats, remembering that my children were once that small? I mean it's obvious, of course, but seeing it in writing like that makes me feel sort of...angsty that they are growing up!

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