Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Requiem for a Tuesday

It's really a Wednesday and this isn't a Requiem, but we love that Parks and Recreation episode and I couldn't think of a more interesting title for this post that will just be my random thoughts, so there you have it: Requiem for a Tuesday.

- Procrastination. Do you ever put something off forever because it's hard or inconvenient or you've put it off so long now it's turned into a more gigantic task and then you finally sit down and do it? Each time this happens to me I experience these thoughts:

Why didn't I do this earlier?
This wasn't as hard as I thought.
It feels good to be done with this!
Next time, I'll do myself a favor and save time and energy and mental space by not procrastinating.

^this happened to me tonight. I've been putting off a simple recertification application for our insurance for over a month and I finally did it tonight and thought all of the above thoughts.

This is the "to-do" pile that has been on my desk for months. It's full of letters I need to reply to, business I need to deal with, things I want to remember but don't have a place for, etc. I'm tackling some of it tonight.

- MINIMALISM. I've been reading this blog and it's in line with how I've been feeling the past year or two. I just read "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown and it was PHENOMENAL and I can't wait to reread it ASAP. "Get rid of the trivial many for the essential few" = what I have been trying to do in my life for months. Balance, priority, essence of intent. Highly recommend this book, friends. I didn't know this when I started reading it but the author is actually LDS, go figure.

- Hamilton: the musical. Listening to it right now. I will always love it so much. American History meets HipHop/Rap meets musical theater meets THE BEST.

- Traveling. My brother Max is in Austria for a study abroad this month and I found out via facebook that he went to ROME last week. He didn't tell me he was going to go because he knows that's been my lifelong dream and he probably knew I'd freak out and be super jealous (what!? me!?) and whatever, I'm not jealous, but HOLY COW I'm so jealous! But also mature enough to be happy for him. And devour his pictures and live vicariously. Blah I HAVE to go to Rome someday.

My dear friend Lauren lives in England with her family and they have fully taken advantage of their proximity to awesome travel destinations by going on lots of trips, big and small. She apologized the other day for "all her trips" and said she "hopes she's not being obnoxious." What!? Again, the part of me that thrives on travel (which has been squashed since having kids) is living vicariously through her experiences so I want all the details I can get!

- PLAY. Natalie is obsessed with playing on my phone (I don't let her do it all the time, but she asks for it frequently) and going on fun outings. She's not super satisfied just playing at home. WHAT DO I DO. I feel like I'm stuck because I don't know how to help her use her imagination better - I don't know how to help her when the boys have other different needs and there are other things that grab for my attention 24/7 and it's hard because a lot of activities that I would suggest for her aren't always compatible with Stockton's behavior or Jack's level of development and it's hard to think of things that all of us can do and on and on and on and on. I want her to be self-reliant and fun and know what to do when she gets bored but I really don't think I'm doing a good job teaching her. I feel anxious about it and am planning on doing some big thinking. Hopefully we'll get to a better place where she doesn't expect or need as much entertainment intervention and I know how to steer her to more creative, non-electronic, individual pursuits.

- Kindergarten. Natalie took the assessment last week to see if she is deemed "ready" for Kgarten. We'll find out next week. I expect her to pass with flying colors, but am waiting to see what they say before I register her officially. I need to decide which school: Holmes or Eastridge? Holmes will require a little more hoop-jumping up front but starts earlier in the morning and that's where her preschool was; Eastridge is closer and wouldn't require extra paperwork and supposedly they have a "more-involved PTA" which I don't think I care about. Also, Natalie's best friend Willow is going to Eastridge, so that's a pull. But Holmes is where Stockton will go to preschool in 2018, if the plan stays the same, so I wouldn't want Natalie at Eastridge and Stockton at Holmes. So, probably Holmes : ) (tired of my ramblings yet?)

MY BRAIN IS SO FULL. I thought blogging would maybe help me categorize some thoughts but now I'm feeling disorganized and unproductive, so I'll stop here and go attack another project. WPOEIFHSDJFKSND:KLF

(....this is more of a journal entry than a true blog post but I've already done it so I might as well keep it.)

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  1. If you want to talk about Eastridge, find me at church or give me a call. Carter is at Eastridge and it is phenomenal. And the PTO thing is much more important than you might think.