Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sunny Mornings

Natalie and Jack have been waking up in the 5:15am zone recently and normally I'm really annoyed (and tired) but on this morning I had slept terribly and it was almost a relief to get out of bed and be done with the night. We went out to the couch and I couldn't believe the SUN - it was so warm and glowy and beautiful! These pictures were taken at 5:30 in the morning and they don't capture it fully but you can kind of tell by how glowy Jack's face is above and how BRIGHT the sky is so early in the morning.

Still waking up but already feeling silly for the day

That same morning we went to Bethany Park at 7:45am. Again, the sun was so GLOWY! The world was yellow and glowing and even though the pictures don't really show it, I won't forget!

This is the first time the boys have tried the tire swing - they loved it, especially Stockton!

Jack fell off soon after these pictures, but sure looked cute sitting there with his siblings! I love Stockton's little wave in the last picture : )

It hasn't been brutally hot yet so I'm still enjoying the sunshine before it turns into my enemy. Here's to hoping for a mild Nebraska summer......(Yeah, right.)

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