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Father's Day

Well, now that it's been over a month, I guess I'd better say something about Father's Day.

I like to think that I'm a pretty good dad: I change diapers, I help the kids in the night (when they let me haha; sometimes I don't make the cut and Jessie has to get up anyway), I do the dishes (sometimes as much as twice a week! lol), I play with the kids, I read to the kids, etc.

As hard as I try, though, I will never be as good at being a dad as Jessie is at being a mom and a wife. Evidence: the pictures below.

Anyways, Jessie made these things for me while dealing with the kids all day! I couldn't have done it with an empty house and 4 hours of freedom.

But back to fatherhood. This is supposed to be a post about Father's Day, after all.

Current Favorite Things About Being a Dad:

1. Stockton falling asleep in his chair every night.  I wonder whether he ever wonders how he ended up in his bed?

2. Jack's swollen cheek from a mosquito bite haha. I feel bad, b…


It's been a tough month. I had a lot of things to manage and figure out but nothing was turning out easy or convenient - even signing up for Kindergarten has turned into a hassle involving an Appeal letter for Natalie to go to the school we want her to go to. We have had lots of random expenses that we don't have money to pay for, which is always stressful, including the car being hit while I was subbing for the paper route (it was a hit and run -_-) and a big speeding ticket in Utah. I've been stress-eating and not sleeping well and overall feeling very discouraged and anxious and not in control of anything in my life and it's just been rough.

I can write about it now because I feel like I'm finally on the up and up, which is a relief. Not everything is figured out (actually, I don't think we've figured any of it out), but my attitude is better and the gloom has lifted so I can press forward with a more determined heart.

Lots of people have helped us the p…

Utah Part Three

We went to IHOP with Great-Grandma Poulsen but Stockton wasn't excited about sitting, so we roamed around and eventually took a break on this bench. I had a lot of opportunities on this trip to explain to strangers why Stockton was acting a certain way, but I was surprised that I never felt the need to tell anyone he had autism and use that as an important fact about him. I just let him do his thing and expected others to accept him that way. It was a nice parental feeling - I was proud of myself for not feeling pressured to have him perceived in a certain way, if that makes sense.

I thought Jack looked so cute brushing my hair. Side note: I left this dress in the hotel room : ( 
Monday night of the trip we spent at Grandpa's brother's house with all the Poulsen cousins. Sanford and Julie have a beautiful house and awesome backyard. The kids were in heaven, and it was a relief to be in a place where we could let them roam! Julie made Hawaiian Haystacks which were balm to …

Utah Zoo Day

We went to Hogle Zoo on Saturday, and Austin's friend Ryan and his family planned to meet us there. I wanted Austin to be able to hang out with Ryan, and I knew that even though it would be fun to stay with the group, Stockton was going to want to do his own thing, so I decided to just make it a Stockton day and let him go wherever he wanted, do whatever he wanted, and just follow him and facilitate his journey. 
He loved it.
Here is what our day looked like:

 Sharing a drink inside the restaurant because he spent over half an hour running in and out, testing the doors, looking out the windows, and doing it all over again so I felt like I had to buy something lol. He spilled on his pants, so off they came (he can't tolerate any wetness on his clothes).

 a brief meeting with Daddy and Ryan's family at the carousel - he loved going up and down

 We found a play area, went to the bathroom, and took his shirt off to play in the splash zone. We spent at least half an hour here.

Utah Part Two

Bringing our DVD player helped us waste time in the hotel room between activities and we will definitely remember that in the future. Anthony came to the rescue and let us use his HDMI cord - our TV is so old we don't need that cord at home! 
After we got to Salt Lake we were tired and lounge-y so a contingent went to pick up fast food and we all ate in our room, watching a movie and relaxing together as a family. 

 I think at one point there were 14 of us in here 
We didn't usually have early plans each day, so while everyone else slept/got ready my family (and sometimes others) explored the area, searching for parks and splash pads. The weather was hot but not humid, so it felt great outside compared to Nebraska!

 We had to make the obligatory Hires trip (especially since I didn't get to go in March) and it was quite delicious. We explored City Creek Mall afterwards and decided that none of us are posh enough for that lifestyle (and that the "splash area" was…