Friday, July 28, 2017

Father's Day

Well, now that it's been over a month, I guess I'd better say something about Father's Day.

I like to think that I'm a pretty good dad: I change diapers, I help the kids in the night (when they let me haha; sometimes I don't make the cut and Jessie has to get up anyway), I do the dishes (sometimes as much as twice a week! lol), I play with the kids, I read to the kids, etc.

As hard as I try, though, I will never be as good at being a dad as Jessie is at being a mom and a wife. Evidence: the pictures below.

Jessie asked what I wanted for Father's Day meal, and I said Eggs Benedict Arnold, and she totally killed it. So delicious.
I also asked for a pumpkin chiffon pie. I ate the whole thing in 2 sittings. It was amazing.
Anyways, Jessie made these things for me while dealing with the kids all day! I couldn't have done it with an empty house and 4 hours of freedom.

But back to fatherhood. This is supposed to be a post about Father's Day, after all.

Current Favorite Things About Being a Dad:

1. Stockton falling asleep in his chair every night.  I wonder whether he ever wonders how he ended up in his bed?

2. Jack's swollen cheek from a mosquito bite haha. I feel bad, but it looks so cute!

3. Natalie's desire to have a cast on her arm or leg "so that everyone will ask me what happened."

4. Watching Stockton and Jack play together. Jack looks up to Stockton so much. I hope that doesn't change as Jack starts to realize that Stockton is developing at a different pace from most kids.

5. Watching Natalie be a little mom to Jack. I'm sure Natalie is exactly what Jessie was like when Jessie was that age.

6. 7 o'clock bedtime! I love being a dad, but at the end of the day, it's nice to put the kids down early and hang out with my wife.

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