Monday, July 24, 2017

Utah Part Three

We went to IHOP with Great-Grandma Poulsen but Stockton wasn't excited about sitting, so we roamed around and eventually took a break on this bench. I had a lot of opportunities on this trip to explain to strangers why Stockton was acting a certain way, but I was surprised that I never felt the need to tell anyone he had autism and use that as an important fact about him. I just let him do his thing and expected others to accept him that way. It was a nice parental feeling - I was proud of myself for not feeling pressured to have him perceived in a certain way, if that makes sense.

I thought Jack looked so cute brushing my hair. Side note: I left this dress in the hotel room : ( 

Monday night of the trip we spent at Grandpa's brother's house with all the Poulsen cousins. Sanford and Julie have a beautiful house and awesome backyard. The kids were in heaven, and it was a relief to be in a place where we could let them roam! Julie made Hawaiian Haystacks which were balm to my soul (until I ate too much and then it was a burden on my soul), and it was just really nice family hang out time. 

I couldn't get over the mountain view! You can't tell as much from the above photo but the mountains were RIGHT THERE and looked so imposing and awesome. The photo below is the view from the street in front of their house. Nebraska has its perks but could it please get some mountains!?

 Back to the hotel to relax before bed time. I think it's cute that wherever I go, they come find me and just want to be close.

The trip was fun. It was relaxed (as far as schedule) and filled with family time. There are other pictures from other phones that I need to add here but for now this will do. I'm grateful for Mom and Dad Poulsen who funded the trip, helped all of us in our individual needs, and sat back and just watched their family make memories. We had family home evening together at Kenzie and Kevin's and it always feels nice to feel the spirit together. Mike got us all a book to read and discuss ("In Tune" by Gerald Lund) so we'll be reporting back on that. Everyone enjoyed being around the kids, we enjoyed seeing the Utah/Nevada family that we don't always get to be around, and it is so fun for Austin and I to be Uncle and Aunt to Ashlee.

The trip was also stressful. Austin threw out his back on Sunday, had a seizure Monday, and of course that added some complications and anxiety to the arrangements. I'm grateful for priesthood blessings, family support, and answered prayers that helped us get through it and get home safely. We've since switched doctors, so hopefully we'll find some better solutions to deal with Austin's health and provide some answers that the other doctor didn't care about getting. (He was awful and I am SO relieved we found a new doctor.)

Til next time, Utah!

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