Monday, July 24, 2017

Utah Part Two

 Bringing our DVD player helped us waste time in the hotel room between activities and we will definitely remember that in the future. Anthony came to the rescue and let us use his HDMI cord - our TV is so old we don't need that cord at home! 

After we got to Salt Lake we were tired and lounge-y so a contingent went to pick up fast food and we all ate in our room, watching a movie and relaxing together as a family. 

 I think at one point there were 14 of us in here 

We didn't usually have early plans each day, so while everyone else slept/got ready my family (and sometimes others) explored the area, searching for parks and splash pads. The weather was hot but not humid, so it felt great outside compared to Nebraska!

Jack is in the blue shirt black shorts right of middle

Stockton is in the blue undies on the right
 We had to make the obligatory Hires trip (especially since I didn't get to go in March) and it was quite delicious. We explored City Creek Mall afterwards and decided that none of us are posh enough for that lifestyle (and that the "splash area" was lame, compared to what we were expecting.)

Natalie wearing Makall's glasses 
 One afternoon Grandma and Grandpa went to visit Great-Grandpa Winterton, so we all went our separate ways. Naturally, I called my awesome friend Jocelyn in Farmington to see what we could do together and she came up with a trampoline park and a taco lunch. It was as fun and fantastic as it always is when we're together and I was just as annoyed as usual that we don't live by each other.

 Ashlee and Jack trying to understand each other 
 We ordered pizza and ate it at Liberty Park one evening. It was a beautiful night, the pizza was delicious, but Natalie got a splinter and cried about it for half an hour haha, so that was a bit of a damper.

not pictured: Kevin, Kenzie, Austin, Stockton, and Aaron (and me)
jeez where was everyone?

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