Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Happier Ending to July, in picture form

Aren't these the sweetest pictures? I love when they play together. I hope they're always close.

 Austin thought he needed a bowtie for church. I hate this tie, for the record, even after his ten minute lecture on all the reasons it's not a terrible tie. (I call it "mauve chandelier").  Natalie wanted in on the action.

 Shark Smalls playing piano at Mimi's house. I've been trying to play/practice more, and I often have little visitors to "help."

 Natalie climbed up into the front seat while I was on the phone in the Target parking lot, waiting to go inside. She put the seatbelt on and giggled like crazy! She thought she was so clever and funny, and I loved hearing her laugh like that. She laughs a lot, but not her full-on, belly laugh that only comes out when she's truly tickled by something. I wish I had captured a video but at least I have the vestiges of the giggle grin.

 Natalie and I got haircuts! I'm growing out my bangs and they are driving me crazy, but it felt so good to chop off an inch or two of the hang-y length of my hair.
 Playing with the doll-house - aerial view (minus the doll-house haha). Their favorite things to do are give the people baths and put them to bed. 

 Trying to fill Daddy's shoes (and live up to his bball namesake!)

 Natalie really wanted me to take these pictures of her haircut/being blinded

 One way Stockton calms down from a freak-out is by taking selfies haha

 I sent this picture to Austin one afternoon when I desperately wanted a nap but the kids were all over me.

 Natalie is very intentional when she colors. I love seeing her creations. She was very excited about this notebook we got for "school shopping."

 See those cold sores by her mouth/cheeks? Impetigo! It started as a cold sore and quickly got worse with more sores/yucky crusties. So thankful for antibiotics! I thought it was really funny that she drew in her sores in her latest self-portrait.

 The weeds in the front of our house. I took these "before" pictures but never took "after" pictures, gah! And now they are weedy again. Boo.

 Racing to PopPop's car when he showed up for a visit

Goodbye, July! Hello, August!

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