Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Week Off

ACT Clinic took a break this week for the beginning of the semester so I've had five straight weekdays without going to Omaha. It has been GLORIOUS and I've loved every minute! Not that I mind going to Omaha, but I've been feeling lately that I'm never home and this break came at the perfect time.
picking Natalie up from school

Monday I was productive all day - I did a ton of the little or big chores that I've been putting off or haven't had time to do (clean/organize/vacuum the basement, wash out trash cans, clean out both cars, organize the desk, etc) and that felt amazing. Then Tuesday the boys and I dropped Natalie and Austin off in the morning and basically didn't leave the house again til we picked them up. We watched movies, had cozy time on the couch, and lounged around all day together. Wednesday and Thursday have been a mix of productivity/lounging, and it's just been so nice. We've played at parks, gone grocery shopping, played with friends, made good dinners every night, tried a new play-doh set, cleaned, rested, exercised, and just enjoyed being HOME. Home home homey home!

 We're not pregnant but I thought this picture would be a cute pregnancy announcement:


If you haven't read Little Women in the past ten years, put down everything you are doing and go read it right this second. Seriously. As much as I loved my re-read of Anne of Green Gables earlier this year, I loved Little Women even more. I soaked in every lovely word as balm to my soul and feel all filled up with love and "home-peace," as Lousia May Alcott says. It was extra providential that I happened to be reading this book the week that I had a little extra time for reading. Mmm, I'm already excited for when I go and reread it again! Last night Austin and I watched the Winona Ryder version (which is comPLETELY wonderful and perfect) and it was fun to notice things that I had newly gleaned from reading the book, even though I've seen that movie a million times.

 I got the boys good and absorbed in a movie and had a little reading time to myself, muahahaha : )

Another project I am close to wrapping up is preparing school boxes for each of the kids. Now they each have a box with hanging file folders for each year of school, labeled accordingly, and everything is juicy and prepared so all I have to do now is put whatever I want to keep in there as it comes!

Side note: I love our kids' names. Natalie Jane, Stockton Luke, and Jack Atticus. It makes me want to have a million kids so we can use all the literary references we want to!

Stockton thought it would be a fun experiment to throw the watermelon
down the stairs and see what happened....

Daddy, newly obsessed with and proficient at chess, teaching his padowan

Special Stockton/Mommy date to Target. Kids behave
so much better one-on-one!

the boys playing merrily in Daddy's car (which won't start, grrr)
I've been happier, more patient, less frantic, and more relaxed this week, and it feels great. It will be fine to get back into the ACT clinic routine again but it's sure been nice being home for a change!

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