Monday, August 14, 2017

Natalie turns FIVE

We have a five-year-old!

She has been looking forward to her birthday for months and she was so excited when it was FINALLY her day. She could hardly sleep the night before - this girl knows how to anticipate!

Decorations the night before, and the little book we put together with comments and stories from various people who sent me their messages. So many people love our Natsby! I hope this book will be something she'll treasure as she gets older; if not, I know I will.

She woke up bright and early, naturally (although not much brighter and earlier than normal) and got right down to present business. We got her lots of little things so she'd have more to open, since that's probably her favorite part of the whole affair. She immediately changed into her new outfit and birthday crown, and had a delicious breakfast of peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and cream! She was very kind and let the boys share her presents and breakfast. She is one that enjoys experiencing things with others, and this is a good example of her selflessness. She knew it would be fun to share the experience of opening her gifts with Jack, and I think that's very sweet.

We got matching necklaces because she asks to borrow my necklaces DAILY, and now we can both wear them when she goes to school so even when we're apart we can still be connected by our necklaces. Also, the pendant is two puzzle pieces, which I'm sure wasn't intended to be a reference to autism from the necklace company but we definitely took it to be!
Birthday selfies!

Isn't she sunshiney? : ) I love that Stockton got in on the action too.

She was so excited to have a party - she wasn't specific in what she wanted at the party, she was just adamant that there be a party. So a party she had! We invited church friends over for "cake for breakfast" and they played inside and outside and people brought breakfasty things and it satisfied Natalie's desires for a party.

Waiting patiently for people to come, then getting super excited when she saw someone park!

I think we blew out the candles before more than one person got there, haha. Natalie didn't want to wait, and since it was her birthday she got to call the shots!

Then we headed over to Austin's office to partake in their party for Natalie, which was also a going-to-school celebration. Roy told her to "stand there and let us sing to you," and her face and posture made me laugh hahaha.

We came home so Jack could take a nap. Stockton was downstairs watching a movie but then came up with these shoes on and made Natalie and I giggle.

Stockton took his shoes off, got his snack, and came to hang out with me on the couch. He always seems to find a way to be close to me : )

Then, we picked Daddy up from work and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house! She was thrilled to have a THIRD party of the day and loved opening more presents. We ate the THIRD cake (I didn't even have a bite, I was caked out) and then headed out to the traditional Lost in Fun birthday outing.

An outfit change was necessary - too many cute clothes to choose from! Doesn't she look like a little angel?

These are randomly the only pictures I have at LiF....they had a great time and the Beddeses even came with their twins and Taft (yay!) so Natalie felt extra celebrated.

Happy birthday to our wonderful Natsby. She's already looking forward to next year!

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