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Makae the Missionary

Right about the time Stockton woke up, Makae was being dropped off at the airport for an early flight to the Mexico MTC to start her mission! She will be serving in the Portland, Oregon Spanish-speaking mission for the next year and a half. I'm sad that she won't be here with us but so excited for her to serve!

Her flight left at 7 so she had to be there at 5:30 in the morning, so her drop-off crowd was small but loving : ) Grandpa was saying it was so different from their first child to go on a mission...when Anthony left, the whole family was there at the airport hugging and waving and crying. Now 11 years later, the last Poulsen sibling is heading out on her own mission.

^^the picture we got to prove she arrived safe and sound. She's the best! We'll miss her!

**this won't be funny to anyone else, but Austin, Aaron, Makae and I were trying to come up with names for her mission blog one night and we were laughing so hard we were crying. Portlands, poulsen Portlan…

Happy Footday, Stockton!

Sometimes Stockton pronounces "birthday" so it sounds like "footday," which is funny every time. He turned 4 this week! He grins when you ask him how old he is now and says slowly, "!"

 Birthday donut in his favorite (must-have) pink wheels at HyVee

We had such a happy, busy, fun birthday for Stockton! After dropping Natalie and Daddy off at school, we went to Hy-Vee (Stockton's favorite store) to get donuts and balloons. We went home briefly to put away groceries and get a crock-pot dinner started, and then we went to the doctor for his four-year-old checkup. He did very well! His best dr's appt to date. At 45.5 pounds, 41.5 inches tall, he's still our big boy.

Then we went home for lunch and quiet time before it was time to pick up Natsby from school. We headed to one of our favorite parks to play with friends until it was time to pick Daddy up from school. Then it was present time!

We tried to be very thoughtful about his pres…

Cardboard House and Catan Crisis

My mom and I stumbled upon this cardboard house kit at Hobby Lobby and felt like it was worth the $16 for an afternoon of fun for the kids. 
They played with it for five hours! Drawing on it, playing peek a boo, crushing it, fighting over it. It was great. 

And then PopPop brought Cane's and we feasted.

Also, this happened the other day:

 I thought the sounds coming from the other room were Jack playing with the train set, but he was dismantling Max's Settlers of Catan game and shoving pieces down into the vent with Ripley, who was then trying to squeeze in and swat them back out (unsuccessfully). It was too funny for me to be mad about it, but Jack was definitely caught!

Also, Makall visited this week from St. George and we got to spend some fun time with her! A highlight was going to the temple with all of the siblings that were in town (Austin, Aaron, Makall, Makae) while Suzy watched the kids. We even went to Changs afterward, so obviously it was a suc…


A bounty of pictures await their turn to be blogged! I haven't been super busy lately, but every time I'm like "hey, I could probably blog right now" there is always something else I'd rather do: watch Guardians 2 with Austin, have a tidy house, make a treat, go out with friends, go to bed. But! Here we go, trying to catch up:

Natalie is doing really well in school. She seems to really enjoy it; she was really excited to tell me that today they learned to spell and read the word "see." She's really good at sounding out letters and if she is patient enough she can spell easy words. She often gets frustrated when we try to get her to read at home with us though, so we're trying to lay off and let her figure out how to enjoy it on her own instead of forcing her to. It's fun for us to see her growth. Parent/teacher conferences are next week!

 ^^she came home all excited to do the fundraiser for school and earn prizes. I told her if she threw awa…