Monday, September 18, 2017

Cardboard House and Catan Crisis

My mom and I stumbled upon this cardboard house kit at Hobby Lobby and felt like it was worth the $16 for an afternoon of fun for the kids. 


They played with it for five hours! Drawing on it, playing peek a boo, crushing it, fighting over it. It was great. 

And then PopPop brought Cane's and we feasted.

Also, this happened the other day:

 I thought the sounds coming from the other room were Jack playing with the train set, but he was dismantling Max's Settlers of Catan game and shoving pieces down into the vent with Ripley, who was then trying to squeeze in and swat them back out (unsuccessfully). It was too funny for me to be mad about it, but Jack was definitely caught!

his head literally inside the vent hahaha

Jack even had tongs!
Also, Makall visited this week from St. George and we got to spend some fun time with her! A highlight was going to the temple with all of the siblings that were in town (Austin, Aaron, Makall, Makae) while Suzy watched the kids. We even went to Changs afterward, so obviously it was a successful evening. But we didn't take pictures! Alas!

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  1. I just finally caught up on reading your last few blog posts, and I want to come over and chat now. What a special, FUN idea, going on a weekend trip with your brother! I don't know if my brothers would want to do that. What a sweet bond you two have! And Chicago is fascinating to me: I have only ever driven through it (go figure, haha) like most US cities. One of my hopes is to do more touristy things in the USA. Like, hello Seattle? My parents have lived there for ten years and I have never seen the gum wall. What is up with that? Haha. Next post: I love reading about sweet sweet Natalie. She has the kindest heart. When you wrote about her "future friends" at school, it reminded me of when we stayed with you and she called us all her special friends from the minute we walked in the front door. What a genuinely Christlike example. Another subject jump: The VENTS! Our current house has air vents in the ceiling, and I didn't realized just how awesome that is until I read about the cat and Jack game. Amber used to do the same thing at our old house and it was maddening. There really is no way to stop them unless you want to live without central air (NOT happening!). Next: Way to RUN! Real life exercise is not glamorous or easy and as a mom it is downright tiring. Way to make a hard thing happen.
    Thank you for sharing, Jessie! Here's a cross country cyber-hug from your WA fan club!