Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy Footday, Stockton!

Sometimes Stockton pronounces "birthday" so it sounds like "footday," which is funny every time. He turned 4 this week! He grins when you ask him how old he is now and says slowly, "!"

 Birthday donut in his favorite (must-have) pink wheels at HyVee

watching Woody at 5 in the morning...when he woke up that early
I said to myself well, it's his birthday, so I guess he gets to do what he wants!

We had such a happy, busy, fun birthday for Stockton! After dropping Natalie and Daddy off at school, we went to Hy-Vee (Stockton's favorite store) to get donuts and balloons. We went home briefly to put away groceries and get a crock-pot dinner started, and then we went to the doctor for his four-year-old checkup. He did very well! His best dr's appt to date. At 45.5 pounds, 41.5 inches tall, he's still our big boy.

Then we went home for lunch and quiet time before it was time to pick up Natsby from school. We headed to one of our favorite parks to play with friends until it was time to pick Daddy up from school. Then it was present time!

We tried to be very thoughtful about his presents because unlike Natalie, he doesn't immediately love anything you give him. We listed his current favorite things (microwaves, toy story, zootopia, a hovering toy from ACT clinic, things that spin) and tried to find gifts that correlated.

 He got a little Buzz Lightyear action figure that says a bunch of phrases when you press a button. Stockton calls it "my Buzz" and doesn't go anywhere without him.

^^We got this awesome Zootopia book that goes into great detail about the story line, characters, and tons of background details and commentary and pictures. Stockton LOVES it.

^^This is a toy that they have at ACT clinic that all the kids love. I don't even know what it's called, but you turn it on and the propellers go super fast and make the ball levitate, and when it starts to fall you just put your hand underneath it and it responds by hovering higher. It's really cool! The kids loved it at first and then it flew into Jack's hand and hurt his fingers (as you can see) and then it hit Natalie's face, so they are a little more wary. Stockton loves the lights and giggles like crazy watching it float above his hand.

My mom and I braved 45 minutes of Toys R Us to try to find the perfect toy (all the above toys were from Amazon that I found later). I was despairing by the end because we hadn't really found anything that I knew Stockton would just love, but right at the end when I was about to give up I SAW IT. It was literally like angels were singing and a spotlight from above shone on this display of toy microwaves. The jackpot of all things Stockton. I think I squealed out loud and hugged the microwave to my chest. Stockton LOVES microwaves. He likes how they beep, he likes when the light turns on and the plate spins, and he loves mimicking the humming while it's cooking. He loves opening and closing the door (of course). This $15 masterpiece had all of the above components, with the bonus that it's pretty small, so it's very portable. When Stockton opened it I think I watched him fall in love right before my eyes. He instantly tested all the buttons, hummed along, and kept putting it down on different surfaces to watch it for a bit and then pick it up carefully and put it somewhere else. It was really cute to watch. It feels so good to find the perfect present for your kid! I don't even have any pictures because we were all so satisfied watching him play with it.

We went for the traditional birthday Lost in Fun visit, and the kids spread out happily to find their personal favorite activities. Natalie liked playing in the blow-up obstacle course with Grandma, Stockton liked going down the fast green slide, and Jack liked the mini roller coaster. They all spent at least half of the time in the ball pit, taking turns jumping in and just enjoying the freedom of swimming in a box of plastic balls. I love this place! It was fun to have Grandpa and Grandma join us...I don't think they've missed a birthday Lost in Fun yet!

I liked the image of Austin watching his sons while Grandpa watched his son

It was a great, happy celebration of our Stockty boy. He's so different from last year! Talking, making requests, having preferences and being able to put them into words, much more creative and independent and will share excitement with you instead of being more in his own world. We've loved watching him grow and progress through all the wonderful wonderful help of ACT clinic - we seriously owe them so so much. They make Stockton so happy and help him develop new skills every day, which is all a parent can ask for!

They even celebrated his birthday! Stockton's favorite part of singing/cake/candles is blowing out the candles and saying "yayyy," so we didn't even make a cake, we just stuck a candle in whatever we had and let him blow it out a bunch of times. It was a very Stockton-focused day, doing all the things he likes best, and I loved being able to spend it with him. He's our special Stockty and we couldn't love him any more, quirks and all! Happy footday, buddy!

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  1. Love the microwave description. Happy birthday, Stockton!