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"Nun Komm..."

In college I had to take a music history/literature class spanning two semesters and 2,000 years of music and we had to buy this giant set of CDs with recordings of music we were discussing. I couldn't WAIT to delete it from my computer after the class (think Gregorian chant all the way to 4'33'' by John Cage...yes, that was a pointless recording) but for some reason there was one piece that I just loved and I couldn't bear to delete it, and to this day I still listen to it frequently. So even though that class was mostly boring and annoying, I can thank Professor Starr for having this recording on the mandatory listening list.

Nun komm - Bach

I'm sitting here listening to this familiar refrain, feeling my throat get more and more sore with every swallow (Jack has a cold...I guess I'm getting it too), and waiting for Austin to get back from basketball. Life is good. I wish I had more time or energy or ability to portray our life better via blog because it is…

Pictures for the rest of September

Art pictures for their new band

 Jack doesn't say his S's; he turns them into a throaty sound that reminds me of someone saying "haus" in German. Him saying "snail" in his funny way is just so cute and funny haha.

She's been so into coloring and writing lately, wherever we go. I love her creativity and passion for it.

Hanging with my brothers one morning. Jack on the left, Max on the right.

I'm accompanying 5 voice students every other Tuesday at Westbrook and had to make some recordings late one night in the practice rooms. Brings me back to my college days! I was a baby freshman EIGHT years ago, if you can believe it!

I went to "club Carlos" with Austin's cohort after they had a test one day. He likes them but felt weird going out to eat and being the only guy, so I went in his place. The next day the girls told Austin that they thought I would be different from him and balance out his personality, but in reality I'm just a bett…