Monday, October 16, 2017

"Nun Komm..."

In college I had to take a music history/literature class spanning two semesters and 2,000 years of music and we had to buy this giant set of CDs with recordings of music we were discussing. I couldn't WAIT to delete it from my computer after the class (think Gregorian chant all the way to 4'33'' by John Cage...yes, that was a pointless recording) but for some reason there was one piece that I just loved and I couldn't bear to delete it, and to this day I still listen to it frequently. So even though that class was mostly boring and annoying, I can thank Professor Starr for having this recording on the mandatory listening list.

Nun komm - Bach

I'm sitting here listening to this familiar refrain, feeling my throat get more and more sore with every swallow (Jack has a cold...I guess I'm getting it too), and waiting for Austin to get back from basketball. Life is good. I wish I had more time or energy or ability to portray our life better via blog because it is important to me to preserve these daily moments, but it's hard to feel like I'm doing it accurately/often enough.

Here's a "peek" into the last few weeks:

+We got new callings in the Capital Ward (along with half the ward): Austin is serving in the Young Men's program as the Teacher's Quorum Advisor and I am a nursery leader. Definite changes to our previous callings! There are a thousand kids in nursery (k, just 26, but it feels like 1000) but they're all cute and even though I miss being social and going to the adult classes I'm happy to serve there. Austin, of course, is great in YM.

+It's officially FALL! In typical Nebraska form there have been multiple times when we've had the heat and A/C on in the same day, and there was an awful week when it POURED rain for several days straight. I'm loving having my hot chocolate in the evenings and being cozy in the covers for as long as possible every morning. I got all the long sleeved shirts/pants out for the kids and it's amazing to see how much they've grown. The shirts Natalie was wearing three weeks ago are already almost too small. I bet she's going to be tall!

+We've been making an effort to be more intentional about "dating" and spending one-on-one time together lately, and it's so fun! We are usually pretty spontaneous about going out and are grateful to have so many friends/family that are willing to come help us out when we need a break. When we don't go out, we have movie nights at home. Some recent ones include: Dr. Strange, Little Women, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, You've Got Mail, and we finished Parks and started watching The Office and Stranger Things. I love spending time with my love!

+We're getting excited for our annual Friendsmasgiving dinner and making plans for the fourth year of our beloved holiday.

Aaaand Austin is home and for some reason I can't think of anything else to write and don't feel like going through my pile of pictures. So, I'll leave it at that : )

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  1. I totally know the feeling of not wanting to go through the mountains of pictures! It is so much work. Since we moved out of city limits, we now only have access to SLOW internet, so uploading pictures to the blog is a nightmare unless I first take the time to compress the image size in another program before going through and choosing which pictures to post and then uploading them. YUCK.

    Also: GOOD for you, writing a little something--something is always better than nothing when it comes to writing (and exercise and veggies and sunshine and scriptures, and sleep...etc).