Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Post all for Natalie

I picked Natalie up at 12 today because I was already in the car with the boys after grocery shopping and I honestly couldn't bear thinking about dealing with the stroller/waiting/after school pickup today. So, she's home with us. I called the school and said she had an appointment, and when I picked her up Natalie asked what we were doing and I said, "a mommy appointment!"

 Kindergarten pictures, 22 years apart!

It's a weird day, but in a good way! Wednesdays are always Omaha days but since we didn't go because of the flat tire, we're having a normal home day and it's great. Jack is having a nice nap, Natalie is eating hot cheetos and watching 12 Dancing Princesses, and Stockton is eating watermelon and excited about the watch he is wearing. I'm actually blogging, in the afternoon, with all of my kids at home! Miracles abound!

SO excited about her school shirt!
Holmes Hedgehogs haha
Natalie has been so darling lately. She loves writing, coloring, drawing, and project-ing of all kinds. She gets a creative idea and can't rest until it has been realized. She loves notebooks, pens, markers, crayons, glue, tape, ribbon, paper...everything. She writes letters to people all the time, some of which we actually send and some that I find later under her bed or in her backpack to unknown recipients. She loves going on outings with me and I love it too!

 331 is our house address, and she puts it on every letter

for Sydney and Crawford, church friends
***she now knows not to use stamps without asking***

"Natalie, what's that in the middle there?"
"A dolphin!" (as if I'm completely daft)

...good call
she said the girl on the right said the girl on the left
should have drugs and the girl on the left said NO
(and the writing in black says "I don't like drugs"
Lately we've been having Mommy/Natsby dinner dates and it's so fun. Natalie loves the whole restaurant experience and is happy wherever we go.

 she was very amused by making her napkin a bib, and we pretended the salt/sugar shakers were a prince/princess who liked to nap a lot and made them pillows out of the sugar packets

 We went to Olive Garden last week and were sitting at a table by the window overlooking a little pathway with some flowers and trees. Natalie sat looking out the window for a minute and then gasped and said, "hey!! This must be why they call it Olive Garden!!" She says funny, smart things, ALL THE TIME and I'm always mad when I can't remember them.

 She's so sunshiney and fabulous! 

Last week at church people were bearing their testimonies and Natalie was actually watching and listening (she doesn't usually key into what speakers are saying). She looked at them and then looked at me and said, "how do you do that? Can anyone go up there without being called on?" I explained that yes, if you feel like you want to go say what you believe about Jesus Christ and the good things we learn at church that anyone is welcome to go up there. She thought about it for a minute and then put her little hand on my hand and said, "really? Like I could even go?" I said of course she could go, but that I wasn't going to tell her what to say or stand up there with her. She went back and forth with me, finally agreeing to do it if I at least walked up with her and then bore my testimony too. I took the deal and it was so cute watching Natalie watch for the end of the current testimony for us to go up on the stand. She walked up there confidently, moved the stool over to the podium by herself, and hopped right up. You could barely see her little head over the pulpit! People were laughing a little because she was just so cute, and she said, "I'd like to bear my testimony that I know the church is true. I bear my testimony of every good thing. name is Natalie. Amen." It was so so so precious and I was so proud of her. I'm glad that she felt the Spirit and wanted to tell everyone what she believed, even though she was scared, and I'm glad that she did it all of her own accord without any prompting from us. She's such a good girl and I just love her so much. Afterwards she said, "but Mom, they were laughing at me." I explained that in this case, they just thought she was so sweet and cute and they were proud of her and they showed that by laughing a little. I'm curious to see if she will ask to bear her testimony again next month!

I'm so glad to have a little daughter. I love when people tell me she looks like me, or that they think she's going to be just like me, not because I'm prideful but because it's a compliment that this precious, smart, creative, happy little girl in some way resembles me!

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