Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Rainy Day

I love picking Natalie up from school each day. 

I also hate it.

It's fun to see her spring down the steps and run towards us after I've missed her all day, but it's not fun stopping whatever we're doing at home (sometimes waking Jack up from a nap), getting the boys in the car, parking, setting up the stroller, getting the boys in the stroller, moving fast enough that they stay in the stroller, bribing them with suckers/fruit snacks/phone time while we're standing still waiting for Natalie, and then getting them back in the car and putting the stroller away. It feels like there is so much wasted time and I can't wait for next year when I don't have to physically be in front of school for them to release my kindergartner. I've tried multiple times to let the boys out of the stroller, but Jack just plays on the steps where the kids exit the school and Stockton runs up and down the ramp out of sight and sometimes goes too close to the street and just generally makes me nervous. Plus the other parents watch/judge me as I draw attention to myself trying to fetch my children. SO, into the stroller they go. 

One day it was POURING rain, like not the random three-minute downpour that lets up and turns into beautiful sunshine, just straight RAIN for HOURS, alllllll day. Did it let up in time for me to do my school run? Nope. 

Problem #1: the "raincoat" I thought I owned turned out to not actually be a raincoat, or anywhere close to waterproof, so I was soaked through before I had even put the boys in the stroller. 

Problem #2: I covered the boys up with a towel and blanket I found in the trunk, but it did almost nothing to protect them from the deluge. 

believe it or not, there are children under there

Problem #3: I didn't buckle the boys because I figured they would stay sheltered......Jack escaped almost immediately.

Problem #4: I don't force the boys to wear shoes for these pick-ups because it's not worth the battle, especially since I try to keep them in the stroller anyway. Also, I was too lazy to fight putting their coats on. And Jack was still in his pajamas. Cue the judgment: my soaking wet 2-year-old was shrieking and hollering happily in his jammies with no shoes or coat next to his mom who was, I kid you not, the ONLY parent without an umbrella. I don't have time or energy for umbrellas, people!

 Jack didn't want to get in the car and Natalie tried to coerce him.

 He found the biggest puddle and escaped back to it while I was putting the other kids in the car.

Literally, he couldn't have enjoyed this more. 

So at this point my situation became comical and I stopped being worried about being wet and cold and started laughing with my children and enjoying the sensation of rain on my face and splashing in all the puddles. By the time we were all buckled in the car with the sopping stroller soaking (new tongue twister!) in the trunk, we were all giggling and wringing our hair and clothes out, while the rain continued to pour down. What did we decide to do? Go to HyVee to replenish our hot chocolate rations and walk around the store having people stare at our raggedy, splashity bunch! It was so fun and silly and just what we needed to turn an inconvenient, annoying experience into a memorable, pleasant one. 

We were SO WET. We went home, changed all of our clothes, made the hot chocolate, and got cozy together to watch a movie. It was delightful.

These are some of my favorite moments as a mom. I love being spontaneous and making fun memories with my children! Good reminder to be more enthusiastic and childlike : ) 

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  1. YES!!! Way to turn that rain into hot chocolate! I shuddered when I read your description of kindergarten pick-up. It brought back so many similar memories, especially the interrupted nap. Curse the interrupted nap! Jay and Rose ride the bus home from school this year because I am done with waking Amber up from her nap! Anyways, thanks for the reminder that humor is almost always the best way to survive kid-centered frustration. You are a good mom and I am taking notes from your methods! And your alliteration/tongue twisters/"S" words describing the wet is Splendid! Hugs!