Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Kids

Fall is a magical time. I don't care how cliche it is to love the fall - it's just the best. The crisp air, no need for a jacket yet but not roasting in the humidity, crunchy leaves, pumpkins everywhere, leaving windows open, all the bugs's just wonderful.

We enjoyed our fall, although it went too fast! I supposed technically it's still fall, but we have temperatures in the 30s regularly and it even snowed once, so I'm calling it. I really miss being able to go to the park...I want to personally thank everyone who made playgrounds so prevalent everywhere, but especially Lincoln. There are so many good parks here!

look at that streaming sunlight!
(and streaming conference....: ) )

"I'm a car.....I'm a car...."

 heading into ACT clinic
sweet boy

a contemplative Jack surveying the rain

 grocery store outings and HyVee pizza

they love their aunt : ) she moved home from St. George!! Yay!

 walking (running) to get Will from school

Remember the post about how awful after-school pickup is with the boys? Here's proof. -_-

sometimes we get Sonic after school so I can have some peace and quiet
(we get one medium slushie and split it between three cups)
(...not that I'm not the kind of mom that would buy three medium slushies...)

Daddy reading Strega Nona, complete with Will and Mabel.
Jack ADORES this book. He calls it "pasta pot" and
brings it to us to read to him all the time.
 Sometimes he literally levitates with excitement

we switched up strollers to see if it helped with
school pickup.....not really haha

 washing the table and studying the snow flakes

 Stockton is OBSESSED with keys lately. It's really cute.

spending some one-on-one time with the $3 Christmas tree

This was taken at 7:57 in the morning. Jack was already napping. Takes after his mother, I guess : )

Grateful for the time we get to spend together! I love my family!

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