Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My 27th Halloween!

I turned 27! I really like getting older. I feel like I fit my circumstances better. I'm a young mom still but I'm not so young that I feel judged or doubted, by others or by myself. I love Austin even more, I love having multiple children, and, as always, I love looking ahead to what's next in life. Grammy Bee always tells me to "enjoy whatever season you are in," but I guess I have a grass-is-greener complex about the future because I'm always excited for the next season, even while enjoying the current.

Renetta sent me this picture from the surprise party she threw for me last year.
It was fun to remember! Everyone needs a friend like Renetta.
My birthday, in typical Jessie fashion, was celebrated over many days (and weeks, to be honest). I just love birthdays. We participated in many birthday celebrations and festivities, and they were all wonderful! I loved getting super juicy mail from Ananda (Harry Potter-related, naturally), and getting all the cards from my grandparents. I love reading all the messages on Facebook and getting texts/calls all day, especially from people I don't talk to regularly. It's good to feel connected.

 new bedding from both parents, Plumbs and Poulsens!

"my birthday present, to me.....I'm soooo happy" - kuzco
I got myself some new Chacos since my Birks are fading away 

 Max got me this fun card to surprise me with Les Mis tickets in December!!!

Jack got me a pedicure, and he helped watch the kids while my mom and I got our toes done. It was relaxing and delightful. I could get a pedicure every week and not be tired of them. Then we got some amazing, like truly amazing Indian food and enjoyed every bite. I love spending time with Jack, since we are twins, after all! And my mom is awesome, so yeah.



My actual birthday was on a Sunday, so for dinner we made the Papa Murphy's pizza that we had picked up the night before, and it. was. perfect. No dishes, no prep, super delicious, and everyone likes it. We'll have to remember that for holidays to come. Our friends came over to share a new recipe with us (gluten free chocolate pudding cake - it was AMAZING!!! Here's the should try it!) and watch the newest Spiderman Homecoming movie. All in all, an almost perfect birthday. (My perfect birthday consists of some sort of crazy travel adventure, like Rome or Mt. Everest or something. But pizza and a movie are good enough for now!)

my dad surprised me with this flag when he
left the morning after my birthday! I've
wanted one forever!

Then it was Halloween! Stockton dressed up as a bee (of course I forgot to take a pic -_-/ he wasn't wearing it long enough to take one haha) for trick-or-treating at ACT clinic, Jack didn't care about Halloween AT all, and Natalie was interested for half an hour until she "had enough candy and her feet were cold." So we kept it really chill, enjoying our standard Papa John's/Hocus Pocus combo with PopPop to provide trick-or-treating support as needed. I couldn't believe how few people were out - hardly five people knocked on our door all night, and less than half of the houses in our neighborhood were even handing out candy! I think Halloween is a great opportunity to connect as a community and literally open our doors to each other, so it's a shame that we're evolving away from traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating.

Dorothalie! (who also looks like a troll, haha)

She was happy I was walking with her and always got a little nervous when it was time to actually go up to the house, but I could practically see the mental pep talk she gave herself before she confidently flitted up to the door. She's so cute : )

cozy and warm in jammies, giving PopPop the report

We ended the night with a few episodes of the office (hey, Darryl!) and the few straggling trick-or-treaters we had. We gave the extra candy to my dad for his students and called it a night!

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  1. Happy birthday! I didn't realize you and I had such close birthdays. I am refreshed to hear of another kindred spirit who actually enjoys getting older. I love it! Maybe that will change once I hit like 50 or 60 but for now I will enjoy the change. I get such a thrill from being able to say that I remember something that happened 20 years ago! I read your other recent posts just now too and love that one of the things you listed about fall is "bugs dying." YES! Thank goodness the bugs die when the cold comes or else the cold would be unbearable.