Wednesday, November 8, 2017


We got a flat tire last night -_- I'm very afraid of getting a flat tire while driving, especially on the freeway, so I'm grateful that nothing dramatic happened (we noticed in the driveway of our friend's house) but it is still a hassle. Everything is more of a hassle with kids...LOVE them, but I wouldn't be half as stressed if I didn't constantly have to worry about how to manage everyone. This morning we loaded up everyone in the car earlier than normal (6:50am, to be precise) to be at our trusty Firestone when they opened. They were busier than we expected so they said it would be a couple hours for them to get the car in and get the tire fixed. So, I texted ACT clinic in Omaha to say we wouldn't make it, texted family to see if they could watch the boys while I take the car in (THANK YOU, Makall!), and then dropped everyone off at their respective places (Daddy to school, Natalie to school, the boys to Makall) and now I find myself at the Panera a few blocks from the Firestone with some surprise extra time to blog! 

(also, call me old-fashioned, but I am so grateful that my husband knows how to change tires! I have no feminist qualms about allowing the men-folk to do the car-work for me.)

This post is a collection of all the randoms that I've been holding on to but don't really know what to do with since they're not related to anything.

 When my friend showed me this picture, I think we laughed for a full three minutes. It gets funnier the longer you look at it. Ross really wanted Austin to watch Stranger Things and The Office so he let us use their Netflix account and we've been wasting away watching Netflix every night. We've gotten it each time we've had a baby to keep us company in the late evening while the other adult goes to bed, but then get rid of it a few months later because it just wastes so much tiiime. I'm not someone who loves TV anyway, so I never miss it when it's gone. Netflix sucks blog time away too, so that's another con.

The pro, of course, is that we get to watch funny shows. We're over halfway through The Office and it's fun to look forward to watching together every night. I would say 79% of it is too awkward/uncomfortable for me, 11% is definitely too inappropriate, and the other 10% makes me laugh so hard I have to pause the show.

family pictures are coming up! my mom drew this to help us figure out colors
(we ended up trading green for mustard. stay tuned! so excited to all be together for

Prague, summer 2009. I've had two friends go
there recently and it's made me wanderlusty!

this cropped up on facebook recently...Blue Lake forever!
summer 2010. this was the last day of camp. 

I've recently been on a huge Harry Potter kick. Not very different from my normal HP attitude, but I'm reading the first book in the illustrated version and it is glorious! J.K. is such a genius. Hero status. 
Harvard, November 2010. Premiere of HP7 part 1. We went
as the quaffle and snitch, obviously.

 The paintings are so wonderful and evocative and make me love HP even more, which I didn't think was possible.

 Daylight savings time means dark evenings and festive lights! I love the warm, cozy glow.

 Hanging out at the Poulsens. I always want to capture these kinds of candid moments but it's hard. I'm glad we get to go over there for Sunday dinner every week : )

The cat. He makes me laugh. Ripley is just a regular part of the Plumb family now!

sharing food after a shift at Tico's. Abby is my
favorite to work with! 

Camille and I make the same faces sometimes.
I love my friends' babies. 

destruction of the toddler bed. i think we had it
for a total of 14 hours. good thing we didn't put
the crib away yet.
Susannah came to visit!!! And her dad came to see ACT clinic
with us. They're the best!

 ^^^this rice/tomatoes recipe is SO AMAZING!!! Austin hates it (hello, onions) but I can't get enough.

Grandpa Bee passed away almost 4 years ago and is with Peanut in Heaven, probably napping just like this.

Grandpa Bert was Suzy's dad, and he passed away last week to be with his wife in Heaven. This is a fun picture from when his grandkids were little. Austin is the blonde boy in the green shirt, and Anthony is the other blonde boy. That must be Makenzie by the balloons.  Thank goodness for grandparents!

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