Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas part 1

In typical both-families-living-close fashion, we plan on multiple celebrations for each holiday, and Christmas is no different. We had our first Christmas a week early with my family since they are leaving for Utah/California. The kids had a grand time, of course!

surveying the presents

"American Doll", Katherine! 

PJ Masks, Catboy!

Despicable Me 3, Minion!
 The kids all loved their presents and they were played with the rest of the day. They especially loved putting the minion on the stairs, pressing the button to make it walk, and laughing hysterically as it fell down the stairs.
 Gingerbread "houses" with Mimi. Basically we gave up on putting them together in any form of "shelter," and instead opted for the easier and still delicious "lay-flat-on-the-ground" method. Jack participated by offering Natalie different candies for her squares, eating 4 for every 1 she used.

Katherine participated too

We got home and the kids were mostly asleep in the car, so we tucked them in quickly and turned out the lights. When I went in to check on Natalie she was snuggled up with her doll, and she had put Katherine's shoes on the floor next to the bed in a neat line, ready for her in the morning. It was precious. 

Other December-y things:
school movie night (Home Alone)

being Ripley

 watching the office by the light of our crushed tree (the hole is even bigger now, Jack and Stockton whack that section all the time with anything handy: spatula, broom, hands, toys...I don't know why it's so alluring to them but it's left a giant pit in the front of our tree that really takes away from the festivity haha)

watching the Psych Movie at the Poulsens late...
 I fell asleep but what I saw was pretty funny 

I just love this picture (and her!) so much 

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