Tuesday, December 19, 2017

FMG 2017

It's that time of year, folks! Friendsmasgiving! The beloved pre-Christmas post-Thanksgiving Poulsen holiday, celebrated with a dinner party with friends. Delightful!

We sent out poetic invitations, and requested responses in poem form. Our guests did not disappoint!

"The holiday question that we face each year
Is should we visit family or are they coming here.
Go with the spouse's family or hangout with mine?
The truth is, though, either is just fine.

But where do friends fit into all of the fest?
Can we squeeze them in with all of the rest?
Friends are important so include them we must
Or else our holiday would just be a bust.

Friendsmasgiving is the solution each year
So YES we will come and partake of the cheer!" - Birdsalls 

Twas a cold day when we went to check the mail

The wind was so strong we went as slow as a snail 

When what to our watering eyes should appear 

An invitation, so joyful, that we shed a tear

The Poulsens, our friend's invited us to sup

At their friendsmasgiving where we could say what's up! 

We then began to write our RSVP 

"We would love to attend your dinner, pretty please!" 

The Ivanich Family 😁

The one problem with FMG is that we don't have a big enough house to invite all our friends! We keep trying to invite more people but we just don't all fit. This year we had to eat in the basement!
We did our best to make it festive in that dank space, and it wasn't horrible : )

also new this year: cheese plates

Austin had a clipboard with names on it
and made sure no one crashed the party

photo cred: Natalie

Dan organized the newlywed game for us (ranging in marriages from 6 months to 8 years) and it was a blast!
cute kids watching moana

me enjoying my favorite treats that Renetta
makes, Saltine Sweets. Mmmmm.
Great people, great night! Till next year!

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