Tuesday, December 19, 2017


A couple Sundays ago the kids were sick, so we went to Sacrament Meeting and then I took the kids home (Austin had to teach the YM). I was expecting kind of a stressful morning but it turned into the most pleasant Sabbath at home! The kids were all being very mild and sweet, giving me hugs, playing nicely together, just being little angels. Feeling bad that we didn't make it to all three hours of church, I put on a playlist of General Conference music. That added a healthy dose of spirituality and our atmosphere of "home peace" (thank you, Louisa May Alcott!) got even fuller. I just wanted to remember this morning, even though it's hard to capture. 

Stockton took the time to carefully decorate that little tree on the table, and I came out of
the kitchen to see them like this, independently finding quiet activities to keep themselves occupied

even Natalie eating her spaghetti made me feel full
of love for her! I love their simple pleasures
I've been into poetry lately. I've always liked it, but there's so much of it that it's a bit overwhelming. Plus I'm kind of picky - I don't like anything that is so deep that it feels like I'm slogging through every word, but I also don't like dumb, over-emotional poetry. I try to avoid poems that are too vulgar or inappropriate, while also finding poems that speak to the real life experience. I picked up a little anthology of "favorite poems" at our local used book store and it's in my car for when I find myself with a little moment to chew on a poem. There have been many good ones, but this was my favorite!  I think I read it four times in a row.

my favorite line

"brush your freaking teeth!" while wearing
the shirt Ananda got me. She's at NYU! 

waiting for tithing settlement

brothers watching minions while mom "naps"

Oh, the days of putting the boys in the stroller to go get Natalie. Blessedly, I emailed Natalie's teacher practically begging her to allow Natalie to just walk to my car, and she agreed! So now we get to have a MUCH more peaceful pickup, with the boys safely buckled in carseats with no hassle or production. It's so cute to see Natalie running to our car!

spray bottles and paintbrushes

setting up the tree, and toasting with good friends (aren't those baby martinelli bottles so cute!?)

primary program!

Instead of fighting the boys out of the kitchen, I plopped them down on the counters to "help" me bake. They weren't very helpful, of course, but they were certainly cute!

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