Monday, January 1, 2018

A Casual Christmas

Everyone always asks, "how was your Christmas?" and I always feel kind of bad because our Christmas was good, but super low-key. We kept it reeeealll casual. To be honest I felt kind of overwhelmed about the holidays this year...I don't think I was full-on Grinch mode, but I didn't feel quite as festive as usual for whatever reason. So, we celebrated with ease and leisure, and it suited us just fine.

gpa and gma relaxing with the remnants of the traditional
Christmas Eve Chinese food

"Santa's" offerings

haha the hair of her doll looks like Monster
from the muppets

Stockton woke up last and Jack was excited
to show him his scooter

her traditional snow globe from Santa

everyone enjoying their spoils

reading Jack's new Sesame Street book
It was all over by 7am, and then the kids wanted to play in the fresh snow outside. Never mind that it was frigid...we bundled up and enjoyed a little traipse in the Christmas aire.

 The snow was so powdery that to make any progress towards a snowman, Austin had to shovel it.

 I thought Jack was just about the cutest thing in the WORLD in those snow pants!

 A snowbody (too powdery for a vertical snowman!) and Stockton deciding he had had enough (notice the shorts and boots combo, plus the snowman carrots standing by)

 Jack loved the snow SOOOOO MUCH. He stayed out by far the longest and only went inside when I got too cold and picked him up. His rosy cheeks and bauble hat!

 Then we got to facetime with Makae in Oregon on her mission! We miss her!

(Big) Jack and his friend came over to say Merry Christmas and hang out with us for a little while, which was fun. We played with the new toys and perused our stockings that he brought from my parents' house. Did you know that stockings are traditionally my favorite part of Christmas? I think they are soooo juicy, all the little prizes hiding and bulging inside!

We went over to the Poulsens to open more presents and watch some basketball, then have some cranberry french toast. I tell ya, that stuff is crack. It is so so delicious.

I must not have had my phone handy because I don't have any more pictures of that night! The kids especially loved the doctor's kit that Grandma and Grandpa gave them, and the grocery cart and pretend food that Makall gave them.

It was a nice, low-key day...maybe next year we'll do bells and whistles ;)

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