Thursday, January 25, 2018

Natalie in January

Natalie. 5 years and 5 months.

Loves any kind of outing and feels left out if she doesn't get to come.

 Doesn't like paper that is crinkled or already scribbled on.

Loves the nutella/breadsticks snack.

Gets home from school, gets a snack and gets cozy downstairs, then asks me to choose her a movie. She only watches 15 minutes til she's back up with me.

waiting for me outside the bathroom

Loves sleepovers (with grandparents).

Resists going back to school after days off but is always happy after school.

Loves staying up past bedtime.

Favorite movies lately: Leap, George of the Jungle, Harry Potter 2.

Doesn't like when Stockton gets to choose the song/movie/activity and she doesn't.

Competitive; very anxious to not break rules at school; concerned with fairness.

Loves playing with friends, especially at their houses.

Likes checking the mail when she gets home.

Watches Psych with Dad when I'm at work.

Likes downloading games on my phone and almost immediately deleting them to look for other ones.

Loves ballet, riding the scooter, and dancing to music (especially if she chooses the music).

Possessive of her things, but also likes sharing them.

Asks me to choose her outfits about half the time but has to approve the final decision.

Getting better about letting me do her hair.

Loves hugs and kisses and talking and being silly.

Draws the best pictures.

We love our Natsby!

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