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Giant Uno Cards

You haven't lived until you've played Uno with GIANT cards. We tried to take pictures to show truly how big the cards are, but it doesn't do it justice. 

The boys got cozy watching the Jazz game. Emily took this picture...eventually Austin was on the back of the couch because Landon was so close haha.

 Natalie was intent upon making individual valentines for everyone in her class, instead of the cheap sticker valentines I got at the store. She made 20 personalized drawings with foam stickers, and they were so sweet! I didn't take pictures because she put them carefully into the folder in her backpack and was anxious about keeping them "safe." She wrote things like: "you're the best" "you're the kindest student in school" "you're my friend." I loved watching her thoughtfulness and kind intentions, especially not wanting to leave anyone out. It would have been easy to just make a valentine for her close friends, but sh…

A Birthday and a Bed

Austin turned 28! And we celebrated with Tiffanie cake (of course) and our new favorite recipe, honey lime chicken enchiladas. (SO GOOD.) Austin's family came over after church and it was fun to be together.


WE TOOK DOWN JACK'S CRIB. It's the first time in over five years that we haven't had a crib up and a baby to fill it! He showed interest in sleeping on the bunk bed a few nights in a row, so one morning when he woke up I asked him if he wanted to put the crib down. He responded enthusiastically, and then when I took it down later that afternoon, he completely flipped out. Once it was put away and out of sight, he stopped freaking out and decided it would be okay to sleep on the bunk bed after all. He hasn't been sleeping super well, but that's probably mostly because he's been sick (and he's an absolute TYRANT in the middle of the night, waking up and demanding milk, little troll). But other than that he's adjusted well, hasn't f…

A Stockty Photoshoot

It's not often that Stockton will allow me to take his picture, especially for more than a few seconds, and even more especially with his willing eye contact! So I took advantage, and I'm so glad because I love how these pictures capture his fun, silly, Stockton personality.

He is so precious. So grateful he's ours!


new band cover art, courtesy Makall

 Stockty in the snow. So much snow in the past few weeks!

 play time with the boyz

 Max keeping the boys from running upstairs when it was time to go
 Austin always helps Natalie work on her homework; it's their thing 
 tea party with friends   I call this: one o'clock church (taken at 12:42pm -_-)
 my happy succulent collection on our new dining table that FINALLY fits our family!

Jack painting while I sorted through all the belongings from the hall closet

Natalie has been loving reading and writing lately, along with drawing, as always. This is the cover of a book she wrote at school called "The Mysterious Unicorn. Illustrated by Natalie. Authored by Natalie." Isn't it just absolutely fabulous? Hahaha I love it.

 A bunch of sickees; flu, ear infections...Jack not taking his medicine and driving us crazy...