Monday, February 12, 2018

Egg Diet

Hi, my name is Jessie and I've been trying to lose weight for five years. I love junk food and soda, eating out instead of working out, and yoga pants (but not yoga). (Actually, yoga is okay.)

I've tried lots of diets, gimmicks, workout programs/gyms/classes, etc etc, but I always give up and go back to my old unhealthy ways.

I haven't been in shape since college, so exercise is more laborious than satisfying, and I have had so much Diet Coke that I think it's in my bloodstream. There are healthy foods that I enjoy, but it takes so much more effort to eat well that I usually bail.

I am sitting here tonight after completing what I have dubbed The Egg Diet. Austin's friend told him about it, and Austin approached me with it and said if I did it and stuck to it that I could go shopping for two new outfits. That definitely got my attention! The diet was developed by a European cardiologist as a quick, safe way to reset and lose weight. It consists of three meals a day for 5 days. I figured I could make that work.

So, I did it!

Here it is, in all its "heinous" (credit: Kellie) glory! Breakfast all 5 days is a piece of fruit; I chose an apple because if you cut it up it takes a long time to eat, and I wanted to drag it out as long as possible. The only substitution I made was using black bean burgers instead of red meat or chicken, and I bought a cucumber intending to try it but in the end I just couldn't face it, so I gave it to my mother-in-law and just left it out of the diet. I called it the Egg Diet because at first glance, it looked like I had to eat a thousand hard-boiled eggs, but it only ended up being 5.

water + gum + sudoku 

I haven't weighed myself or taken measurements for the final payoff, but that's okay because it's about being healthier and I definitely accomplished that. I'll get all the statistics tomorrow morning. I feel better, I'm way more motivated, and it's a relief to be in control of my eating.

Here's what I learned from the Egg Diet:
+eating doesn't have to be the focus of my day; I don't need to eat constantly
+I can get full off of vegetables
+it's not the end of the world to be hungry
+counting calories works
+I like hard-boiled eggs
+I don't like oranges (but I do like cuties)
+drinking water constantly helps with cravings (so does chewing gum)
+I don't need diet coke to be happy
+I can do whatever I set my mind to

Thanks, Austin, for encouraging me and supporting me, and for letting me go shopping! Thanks blog readers, for allowing me to log some of this health journey in this space and sticking with me. I know I've whined about it forever, and I appreciate your patience.

I've lost 11 pounds since the beginning of January, so it's a start!

 January 2013 vs January 2018

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