Monday, February 19, 2018

Giant Uno Cards

You haven't lived until you've played Uno with GIANT cards. We tried to take pictures to show truly how big the cards are, but it doesn't do it justice. 

The boys got cozy watching the Jazz game. Emily took this picture...eventually Austin was on the back of the couch because Landon was so close haha.

 Natalie was intent upon making individual valentines for everyone in her class, instead of the cheap sticker valentines I got at the store. She made 20 personalized drawings with foam stickers, and they were so sweet! I didn't take pictures because she put them carefully into the folder in her backpack and was anxious about keeping them "safe." She wrote things like: "you're the best" "you're the kindest student in school" "you're my friend." I loved watching her thoughtfulness and kind intentions, especially not wanting to leave anyone out. It would have been easy to just make a valentine for her close friends, but she was purposeful about each classmate. She loved looking through all her valentines from her classmates after school, and Jack had fun "helping."

 ^Stockton loves going in Max's room when he's there and playing with his legos. This one was particularly intriguing because it spins, (Stockton's FAVORITE), and Max let him take it home. Stockton didn't put it down for the whole rest of the day.

 Jack is done with binks! He picked out this PJ Masks play set and threw away all his binks. He's done SO WELL. I can't believe it. I expected a full-blown frontal attack, but he took it all in stride and hasn't even asked for his bink, except right after he gets hurt before he remembers he threw them away. He's sleeping normally, and was even manageable at church. Huge success!

There was another horrible school shooting (Parkland, FL) and it's been weighing heavy on me this week. Everyone is yelling about politics and gun rights and casting out for all kinds of policy change/distributing blame, and I've just been hugging my kids closer. I'm grateful that even as the world gets more and more wicked outside, we can cultivate safety and kindness in our own homes at least. I know that righteous families are a force for good, and I trust in a loving Heavenly Father to keep watching over us through these awful tragedies.

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