Monday, February 12, 2018


 new band cover art, courtesy Makall

 Stockty in the snow. So much snow in the past few weeks!

 play time with the boyz

 Max keeping the boys from running upstairs when it was time to go

 Austin always helps Natalie work on her homework; it's their thing 

 tea party with friends 
 I call this: one o'clock church (taken at 12:42pm -_-)

 my happy succulent collection on our new dining table that FINALLY fits our family!

Jack painting while I sorted through all the belongings from the hall closet

Natalie has been loving reading and writing lately, along with drawing, as always. This is the cover of a book she wrote at school called "The Mysterious Unicorn. Illustrated by Natalie. Authored by Natalie." Isn't it just absolutely fabulous? Hahaha I love it.

 A bunch of sickees; flu, ear infections...Jack not taking his medicine and driving us crazy...

 waiting for PopPop to come get her for her sleepover

 Chuck E. Cheese, her favorite place

 she freaked out at this first hairstyle and wouldn't stop until I changed it to braids all the way down

^^love this!

And that's what we've been up to the past couple weeks!

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