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The School Girl starts Piano Lessons

I got Natalie some ribbon for her hair and after I tied it in her pony she pranced around yelling, "I LOOK LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL!!" Not really sure where she got that from, but she was very excited.

I love her happiness and coziness! 

My mom went to lunch at her elementary school last week and had a great time. It's so cute to see Natalie be just as confident and kind and happy at school as we know her to be at home.

We started piano lessons this week! I wasn't sure if she would be super interested, but she saw the book on the table the day I got it and dragged me downstairs immediately for her first lesson. I have to say, it is immensely satisfying to get her started on this path that has meant so much to me my whole life! And, she already seems like a natural! So fun. I'll find her a private teacher eventually, but right now she doesn't seem to mind having me teach her, so we'll run with that. I love that she's excited about it, and I hope it will be …


Hello happy blog that is always waiting for me, no matter how long I go in between posts!

This month has been good, but not really remarkable in specific ways, hence the gap since I last posted. I feel like all our days go like this:

wake up too early
go to school/work
do chores/housework
play with toys
make messes
make meals
go to the store
play with friends
more housework
more playing
put the kids to bed
say we're tired
stay up too late


Sometimes the monotony grates on me, sometimes it's nice to have predictability and routine. If we get bored, we call a friend or go on an outing. If we had a busy week, we intentionally don't plan anything and enjoy loafing around the house. A couple weeks ago I got really fed up with constantly feeling like I needed to tidy/having a million chores to do around the house, so I got rid of more toys and have been trying to create a manageable space for us to enjoy and play in, but not always have so much clutter or mess to clean up…