Monday, March 26, 2018


Hello happy blog that is always waiting for me, no matter how long I go in between posts!

This month has been good, but not really remarkable in specific ways, hence the gap since I last posted. I feel like all our days go like this:

wake up too early
go to school/work
do chores/housework
play with toys
make messes
make meals
go to the store
play with friends
more housework
more playing
put the kids to bed
say we're tired
stay up too late


Sometimes the monotony grates on me, sometimes it's nice to have predictability and routine. If we get bored, we call a friend or go on an outing. If we had a busy week, we intentionally don't plan anything and enjoy loafing around the house. A couple weeks ago I got really fed up with constantly feeling like I needed to tidy/having a million chores to do around the house, so I got rid of more toys and have been trying to create a manageable space for us to enjoy and play in, but not always have so much clutter or mess to clean up. Part of the problem is we got out of the habit of cleaning up/doing the dishes after the kids go to bed, so we've been working on that. I want our house to look lived-in...I don't need it to be pristine, but I do feel better in a tidy home.

Jack enjoyed the storage boxes I got out to do some
basement organizing

We inherited a treadmill and at first I didn't think I would EVER use it, but I've actually taken full advantage of it and am really enjoying having that as an option on days that I know I won't have time to run otherwise. I love being able to exercise even with the kids at home...normally they interrupt whatever I'm doing but I think they are a little afraid of the treadmill, so they watch me from afar and wait til I'm done before they approach. The treadmill's name is Howie, and we are very happy to have him. (All our electronics are "H" names: Harriet, Harold, Hank, etc.) I've been using the app C25K and it's been really helpful! (C25K stands for couch to 5k, and it coaches you through 8 weeks of running intervals to help you work up to running 3 miles.) I run outside too, but it's nice to have variety.

my view as I run...I set up my phone on those books and
listen to marco polo messages from friends or watch music
videos that keep me distracted. or bloopers from parks and rec.

After an outside run...I found this little wilderness haven a few blocks from my house that I've never seen before! It was completely delightful!

A woman didn't see me and came out of a little side street and grazed Sybil (our new van...have I really not posted about that yet?!) 

We did a lot of housework this weekend (Saturday's Work, as my parents always called it!) and the kids were pretty helpful. Natalie sprayed the window and they all wiped it down, which was cute. Austin did the bathroom, I did the basement, Austin vacuumed, I cleaned the kitchen, and the kids helped intermittently. It was nice to lay around when all the work was done. (Jack was clinging to my legs, begging to be picked up. I sat with him after this picture and he fell asleep in my arms, which hasn't happened in ages!)

We went to our friend's birthday party, and on the way out one of their yard ducks followed me curiously. You can't tell in the picture, but it has a beautiful green coloring around its head. Full disclosure: I was a little afraid of the duck biting me.

Grandpa whipped out an old magnetic toy from the garage, and the kids LOVED it

watching the rain come down early in the morning

It was John Stockton's birthday today, so we celebrated by wearing all our Stockton #12 jerseys! Jack wore one too but was annoyed at how big it was so he slouched it off before I could get a picture.

 My dad took Natalie to the circus in town and she was thrilled. She had fallen off the playground at school, right onto her forehead, and was happy that she was still able to get her face painted.

another monthly Chuck E Cheese visit

Target with PopPop
A couple weeks ago the kids passed around a stomach bug. Luckily it didn't last long, but throwing up is just the worst. I'm glad we have so many towels. 

 eye appointment and arm workouts

 This is the Lincoln Community Playhouse...I'm the rehearsal pianist for their upcoming show, Mamma Mia. It's been REALLY fun to be involved! The theater is run in a very professional way and all the directors are very good at what they do. It feels good to be able to be so helpful in an already smooth operation.
Oh, Stauffers. So much fun and laughter is added to our life because of these fun friends. We went out for Thai food at a snobby restaurant for Emily's birthday. Shoutout to Renetta for watching the kids, especially a crying Jack!

 before/after of our food storage area

so many babies! I always want to hold all of them.
allie and cohen

old school piano jessie after a master class...good times!

trying to steal Makall's Abe's
(everyone should have an aunt like Makall!)

push-pops at church were a good idea
until they got tired of them and dropped
them everywhere

That's what we've been up to this month!

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  1. I love reading your everyday updates. Sometimes I'm certain my blog posts are to plaintive/melodramatic, and I wish I could do just a classic day-to-day post. But alas, I guess when I start writing I AM prone to melodrama. Hah! I love you and totally identify with the mom-monotony daily grind. You are so right with the fluctuation in reaction to it. It's so easy to feel stale at this time of year, in spite of the approaching springtime. Onward! It's so cool that you're playing Mama Mia music!! I'd love to hear some of it!