Monday, March 26, 2018

The School Girl starts Piano Lessons

I got Natalie some ribbon for her hair and after I tied it in her pony she pranced around yelling, "I LOOK LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL!!" Not really sure where she got that from, but she was very excited.

I love her happiness and coziness! 

My mom went to lunch at her elementary school last week and had a great time. It's so cute to see Natalie be just as confident and kind and happy at school as we know her to be at home.

We started piano lessons this week! I wasn't sure if she would be super interested, but she saw the book on the table the day I got it and dragged me downstairs immediately for her first lesson. I have to say, it is immensely satisfying to get her started on this path that has meant so much to me my whole life! And, she already seems like a natural! So fun. I'll find her a private teacher eventually, but right now she doesn't seem to mind having me teach her, so we'll run with that. I love that she's excited about it, and I hope it will be something that will lead her on to many enriching experiences.

she didn't want to stop practicing long enough to even take a picture!
We went on a fun breakfast date to Engine House Cafe this weekend, sharing hot chocolate and playing tic tac toe. Her enthusiasm for any sort of outing is infectious. It makes me smile because that's exactly how I've always been...if someone is going somewhere, I want in no matter what it is!

she put her leftover pancakes in this box and wrote "I love you boys" for her brothers
She's doing a great job reading - it's exciting to see her progress as the weeks go by. She's curious about adult matters...she'll overhear me say something on the phone and ask me about it later. She still is a major social butterfly, always asking who we can play with today. She is helpful around the house, albeit grudgingly sometimes (especially if it's putting away laundry...for some reason she hates that chore).

She loves hugs and snuggles and will often come up to me and say, "Mom I just want to be with you." She's our bright-eyed, inquisitive Natsby and she is more and more of a joy every day!

 she loves Target, like her mom and grandmother : ) 

reading with uncle Jack

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