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My mom decided that after hearing about the famous Sandhill Cranes Migration along the North Platte River for the past 12 years living in Nebraska, it was time to go see what all the fuss was about. She got tickets for her and my dad, and then got more for Max and I when we got wind of the plan because obviously we wanted in. She booked us a hotel in Grand Island (about 90 minutes away from Lincoln), and we looked forward to the weekend.

Unfortunately, she had to go to Utah last minute and wasn't back in time to see the cranes after all! There was a little discussion between the remaining three of us if we should still go, but no one backed out so cranes were on again. Grandpa Bim, my dad's dad, suggested that Natalie use the extra ticket since my mom couldn't go. Natalie was thrilled! But then I realized that she would be bored and cold, so we tried to talk her out of it. She wasn't buying it, assuring us that, "no no, I love watching birds!" That girl loves…

Easter and General Conference

Easter, April Fool's, AND Conference fell on the same Sunday this year! It was a delightful day and I was so grateful that it was peaceful and restorative. Conference seems to be kind of a crapshoot with little kids - some times it's really stressful and you get nothing out of it, but luckily the kids were actually very accommodating and reverent this weekend. There were a lot of awesome changes and announcements (no more HP Group, transitioning from HT/VT to "ministering," 7 new temples (including India and Russia!), two new apostles (Gong and Soares), and a Solemn Assembly where we had the opportunity to sustain our new prophet, Russell M. Nelson.) It was exciting to see the prophet be so active and involved in the conference...I think he spoke 6 times! Poor President Monson was so ill for the past few years that we didn't get to hear from him much, so I think the contrast was pretty stark in this conference with President Nelson very visible and verbal. What …