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Mamma Mia!

For most of March, all of April, and some of May I played piano for Mamma Mia at the Lincoln Community Playhouse. It was definitely a rewarding experience - I love getting paid for using my skills, I love working with fun, creative, professional people who are great at what they do, I love fun music, and I love wearing black, so this was a perfect fit for me! I am, however, greatly relieved to have my evenings back.

I played for a lot of the rehearsals leading up to tech week, where we performed the show 9 days in a row, with two shows on one of those days. IT WAS SO MUCH MAMMA MIA. The show ran for three long weekends in a row (Wed-Sun) and by the end I'm pretty sure I could have done a lot of it memorized.

I got really into selfies the first few rehearsals in the pit:

So many fun people were involved in this show! My favorite was Colleen, who played Rosie.

I also enjoyed laughing with David, the conductor. This was my view for three weeks:

 We talked a lot of basketball (the sh…

Dem Boyz

My brother Jack inherited two lizards, Ganon (a gecko) and Muushuu (a horned dragon). He is a very doting and loving lizard dad. It never fails to make my day when Jack sends me a random picture of "dem boyz!"

One day he brought Muushuu over when we were in Papillion, and he was definitely the coolest pet I've ever seen. He's super chill, but has a ton of personality. His tongue is huge and gross and hilarious. We fed him chunks of tomato and laughed every time. Jack says his teeth are actually really sharp and his jaw is strong, so it really hurts to get bit. Little Jack was entranced! Rippy hates him.

When Stockton came home after ACT clinic Jack led him over to the corner where Muushuu was hiding behind the potted tree, and without even hesitating Stockty grabbed the lizard by the triangular head and pulled him out! We couldn't believe Muushuu didn't try to escape or bite Stockton, but he was probably just as surprised as the rest of us and couldn't re…

Random April

It's the middle of MAY and I'm still thinking it's APRIL. Where does the time go?!

 Natalie has been really into picnics lately; Stockton is as into chips as ever

 They usually don't look super similar to me but I like seeing their resemblance in these photos

 Natalie is so proud of herself for figuring out how to climb up there...she loves to perch and survey the backyard

Kalie, my best friend in elementary school in Wyoming came through town and stopped to play with was the first time we've met each other's youngest kids and it was so fun to be all together! Even if we're bad at taking pictures.

 She was adamant that this chalk girl's name was "Pelanina" and she made me write it