Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mamma Mia!

For most of March, all of April, and some of May I played piano for Mamma Mia at the Lincoln Community Playhouse. It was definitely a rewarding experience - I love getting paid for using my skills, I love working with fun, creative, professional people who are great at what they do, I love fun music, and I love wearing black, so this was a perfect fit for me! I am, however, greatly relieved to have my evenings back.

the band! synthesizer, piano, guitar, conductor, drums, bass, guitar

I played for a lot of the rehearsals leading up to tech week, where we performed the show 9 days in a row, with two shows on one of those days. IT WAS SO MUCH MAMMA MIA. The show ran for three long weekends in a row (Wed-Sun) and by the end I'm pretty sure I could have done a lot of it memorized.

I got really into selfies the first few rehearsals in the pit:

it was LOUD, so I consistently wore earplugs

this was me before we started rehearsals with
the rest of the band...I was so bored haha
So many fun people were involved in this show! My favorite was Colleen, who played Rosie.

I also enjoyed laughing with David, the conductor. This was my view for three weeks:

he's the weird blob in the top left
 We talked a lot of basketball (the show happened during the beginning of the NBA playoffs) and also shared common teachers and experiences at UNL, even though we went there during different years.

the last show was on Mother's Day, so this is a picture of all the moms in the cast, crew, and pit
It was fun to try to mix up all of my black clothing. It was also fun to take a walk during intermission each night. I did two laps around the outside of the playhouse and enjoyed stretching my legs and feeling the fresh air.

 My parents came, which was super fun, and Austin and the Stauffers came another night, which was great! It's always fun knowing someone in the audience is there for you.

So long, Mamma Mia! (I could come up with something more wittily related to the song titles, but we already used all of them so many times throughout the show that I can't bring myself to...take a chance...again.)

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