Monday, May 14, 2018

Random April

It's the middle of MAY and I'm still thinking it's APRIL. Where does the time go?!

bored at a school function (he had to hold the sign
marking the first mile at a school-sponsored run)

Me n Rippy, Rippy n Me

high school Jessie playing for Ruth Funke and Grammy Bee

 Natalie has been really into picnics lately; Stockton is as into chips as ever

 They usually don't look super similar to me but I like seeing their resemblance in these photos

 Natalie is so proud of herself for figuring out how to climb up there...she loves to perch and survey the backyard

Kalie, my best friend in elementary school in Wyoming came through town and stopped to play with was the first time we've met each other's youngest kids and it was so fun to be all together! Even if we're bad at taking pictures.

 She was adamant that this chalk girl's name was "Pelanina" and she made me write it 

 The boys prefer eating their slushies using their straw as a spoon

 A woman stopped me in the Target parking lot to tell me that this spatula was on the roof of my car haha

 the kids always get a kick out of wearing our glasses

a fox on the way home from school!

playing and talking together

Natalie does a great job reading scriptures, and Stockton and
Jack love repeating the words as they are read

love all these girls

my dad got us a blue lightbulb for autism
awareness month

 Jack fell asleep being cozy with me early one morning and looked so many times did we fall asleep together in that same position in that same chair when he was a baby?

Stockton finds me whenever I try to go be cozy somewhere

 Stockton had a grand time dumping the contents from that closet, drawing on all the walls, and finishing off by tattooing himself with a permanent marker. (somehow the permanent marker wasn't on any of the walls though!)

my view from the dishes: Pop Pop hanging with "the grandbabies," as he likes to call them

had a great time rewatching Skyfall and then watching Spectre

I watch Arrested Development while
I'm on the treadmill

 the kids love the treadmill, but only when I'm running on it! I thought it was cute that Stockton brought his shoes downstairs to put on by himself to get ready to run

they're even holding hands!!!

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