Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stockty, March and April

Oh Stockty. He's doing so well. He loves his family, ACT clinic, playing outside, and is getting so good at having conversations. I don't think we'll ever take his communication for granted. His recall is getting much better (he can answer questions like "What did you eat for lunch? Where did we go yesterday?") and he really seems to enjoy talking to us. He asks strangers, "what's your name?" and makes observations about people ("she's sad" "he is watching a movie"). He notices when someone is missing and asks where they are. He learns new and more sophisticated skills every week and it's exciting!

in mid flap, really excited by the necklace that I tied between the
two toys
 He teaches me to enjoy the little, simple things. I love watching him get excited about random stuff.

 he thinks it's funny to say "wheeeeerrrre's Stockton?......peek!"

 He loves taking selfies, especially with ceiling fans. I have to delete like 100 of them each time he takes my phone haha.

 They were helping each other carry the vacuum all over the house, working together and being so encouraging. "Good job, Jack!" "Thanks, Stockton!" It was the cutest.

confused because I wasn't wearing my glasses randomly

 He stole this blue car from nursery at church, and he loves it so much. (We'll bring it back eventually). He examines it very seriously from afar, and then starts jumping and flapping his hands when the stimulation of looking at it becomes too hard to keep in. He is mysterious and hilarious.

 He found this toilet at Target and HAD to have it. I told him he could have it if he finally pooped in it (not in a diaper). Big surprise: he still hasn't pooped in the potty. But he loves it as a pretend toy, so at least it's getting used. Sigh.

 I snuck away to my bed to have a quiet moment alone, but Stockton smelled me out, as he always does. He loves being cozy in bed with us, it's very cute.

he LOVES choosing a donut at Target. He tells me if he wants
a circle donut or a rectangle donut, with sprinkles or without. 

 One of his PASSIONS lately has been wearing glasses. He says, "I want to be like _____" (insert name of person whose glasses he wants to wear). It's pretty funny because if someone hasn't heard him say that yet they really think he's saying, "I want to be like you!" and they're all flattered, when really he just wants to steal their glasses haha. My dad brought him an old pair that he let him keep and Stockton was beyond thrilled. He also loves stealing the Harry Potter glasses that we have on the wall.

He has energy, he has spunk, he has heart, and he has joy. He also can get super sensitive and over-stimulated, and it's hard to get him regulated again. (Lots of tears, lots of cozy time with purple blankie, lots of soothing voices and back scratchies.) He "passes for normal" in public, and sometimes I wonder what people think of us in the store as they watch us, if they notice anything unusual about Stockton. I'm so glad that I don't worry what people think or say - I'm sometimes curious, but I don't ever feel super defensive or protective or offended...Stockton is the way that he is, he's come SO FAR, and he is a happy boy who we love fiercely. If people judge us or him, we either don't notice or don't care.

He loves basketball, playing with the hose/sprinkler, and swinging. He recently learned to pump himself while he's swinging, which he's very proud of, but he still loves being pushed. He loves riding Natalie's pink bike, and it's his favorite when we walk up and down the street with him while he rides. He sleeps well mostly, eats well sometimes, and sits still at church almost never, but he loves primary and is learning how to manage himself in big groups. We're so proud of him and love him to pieces!

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