Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kansas City Getaway!

Austin and I snuck away for a two-night trip to Kansas City at a quaint bed and breakfast right downtown. It was so delightful! 

Austin was repping Lebron for the first game of the finals, whiiiiich didn't go well (luckily he didn't let it completely ruin our trip haha.)

 Spending three straight days with him was the best. I love that we still never ever get tired of hanging out together, regardless of what we're doing. I am grateful for how much he loves me!

 I loved the hexagon tile in our bathroom. This is the main stairway up to our second floor room.

We got to KC around dinner time, so we checked in and then walked to P.F. Changs down the street. I'm not sure if there could be any more ideal location for us than within walking distance to a Changs. It was perfect. And then, even though we were stuffed, we picked up cheesecake from the Factory across the street. When we got back they were serving hot chocolate and warm homemade cookies. My dream come true.

This is us at our two one was sliced bananas on fresh whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs; chocolate zucchini gingerbread; sausage links; and multigrain blueberry pancakes with warm syrup. Day two was a strawberry/mango frappe; glazed pork chop; and peach pecan croissant french toast. Delicious!

This sheep display was outside a church around the corner, and it made me smile.

one of the many statues around the downtown
plaza area; I thought it was sweet

After golfing (for Austin) and a pedicure (for me), we showered and walked to Chuy's Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was AMAZING!!! If you have one near you, you HAVE to go. It was so delicious. Then we walked to a movie theater to see the Solo Star Wars movie, which was really fun.

Then it was time for the Royals game! Right when we walked in a tent was selling hot dogs for $1, so obviously we each got one. We had matching shirts and hats, which reminded us of our honeymoon baseball game almost 7 years ago:

The game was so fun! Later in the game Austin had his customary bratwurst and I had pizza (I really wanted nachos but they didn't have any, boo!). We stuck around for the whole game even though we lost 15 - 0 because there was a promised fireworks show at the end. It was so fun! I LOVE fireworks, and it was a perfect evening.

The next morning after our incredible bed and BREAKFAST, we did a sealing session at the KC Temple, hit up Applebeep's for lunch, and headed home. Our parents took turns watching the kids (thank you thank you THANK YOU) and sent us these cute pics while we were gone:

"jumping up and down in muddy puddles"

 morning pushups

It was a memorable, relaxing, super fun trip, and I already want to do something like that again. I love Austin so much! He's the best! It's so nice having our children at ages that don't stress us out as much when we leave them.

Plumb Party

My sister came home (to get her wisdom teeth out lol) for a few weeks from San Diego and it was so fun having her around. One night my dad planned an outing for all of us (minus Sam in Utah, bummer) and it was the first time that many Plumbs have been together since Thanksgiving. We had dinner at Tico's (a family favorite, despite me working there), loaded my dad's Father's Day wooden swing into Jack's truck (it took forever), and then played Sorry. Many tears have been shed and fights sparked by Sorry in our history as a family, but I'm happy to say that even though I won both games that night, we all left as friends. 

views from my chair (notice Max snuggling with Lindsey the 
bunny since he still doesn't have a girlfriend)

The Plumb pets are thriving

My brother Jack has been doing some pretty cool things lately - he and a buddy sell homemade (delicious!) food at neighborhood markets, and he had his first gig as "Jack 2.0" the dj. He's amazing!

 This graphic is for my mom - she is camping three times this summer (Yellowstone, Redwoods, and Rockies) and I'm only joining her for one of those, so I've missed her while she's off communing with nature!

My dad took Natalie to the summer library at Holmes one morning and she was so excited to see her school again and spend some time with PopPop. She couldn't even wait to get home to read her book! (Speaking of reading, she's doing such a good job this summer! She knows most words in the level books, and does a nice job sounding out those that she doesn't immediately know. I love listening to her read! Also, we've been listening to kids audiobooks like Judy Moody and Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the car to/from Omaha, and she's been loving that.)

Zoo Summer

We still go to Omaha three mornings a week, so I finally decided to get a zoo pass. My parents got a "grandparent pass" last year thinking we could all go together, but I couldn't go unless one of my parents came with me, so this year I just got our own family pass and my parents come if they are available! 

Jack's pants got wet at the splash pad and I left his swimsuit
in the car, so he wore Natalie's yoga pants haha

PopPop treated us to Stingray Beach, an interactive exhibit of different sting rays that you can watch and feed and touch. It was so cool!

He let them choose beanie baby sting rays at the gift shop, which Natalie named "Stingy" (creative, I know) and "Mr. Ray" for Jack's.

 (These pictures are compiled from different days at the zoo....we've been like 6 times this month!)

As soon as the Desert Dome came into sight, Stockton made a beeline for these double automatic doors where he spent most of his zoo trip last year. It's crazy that after a year he still remembered exactly where they were and loved them just as much. Coincidentally I think he's wearing the same shirt as last year. If Stockton comes to the zoo I make sure another adult is with me, because you never know when he's going to want to stop and stay somewhere for a long time, and it's stressful to try to wrangle the other kids and all stay together. Normally we go when he's at ACT clinic since that's when we're free, but of course we want to include him in the fun once in a while!

We love our zoo! It has a huge adventure play area, splash pad, playground, carousel, skyfari (ski-lift that goes over the zoo, super cool), water features, and of course tons of awesome animal exhibits. Jack loves the elephants, Natalie loves the crocodiles, and Stockton is afraid of the birds.