Thursday, June 28, 2018

Zoo Summer

We still go to Omaha three mornings a week, so I finally decided to get a zoo pass. My parents got a "grandparent pass" last year thinking we could all go together, but I couldn't go unless one of my parents came with me, so this year I just got our own family pass and my parents come if they are available! 

Jack's pants got wet at the splash pad and I left his swimsuit
in the car, so he wore Natalie's yoga pants haha

PopPop treated us to Stingray Beach, an interactive exhibit of different sting rays that you can watch and feed and touch. It was so cool!

He let them choose beanie baby sting rays at the gift shop, which Natalie named "Stingy" (creative, I know) and "Mr. Ray" for Jack's.

 (These pictures are compiled from different days at the zoo....we've been like 6 times this month!)

As soon as the Desert Dome came into sight, Stockton made a beeline for these double automatic doors where he spent most of his zoo trip last year. It's crazy that after a year he still remembered exactly where they were and loved them just as much. Coincidentally I think he's wearing the same shirt as last year. If Stockton comes to the zoo I make sure another adult is with me, because you never know when he's going to want to stop and stay somewhere for a long time, and it's stressful to try to wrangle the other kids and all stay together. Normally we go when he's at ACT clinic since that's when we're free, but of course we want to include him in the fun once in a while!

We love our zoo! It has a huge adventure play area, splash pad, playground, carousel, skyfari (ski-lift that goes over the zoo, super cool), water features, and of course tons of awesome animal exhibits. Jack loves the elephants, Natalie loves the crocodiles, and Stockton is afraid of the birds.

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