Monday, July 9, 2018

Jack's Birthday....over two months late!

I just looked back to double check and it's true: I never did a post about Jack turning 3!! What the heck, self?!

Look how he's changed! He still loves being cozy and would probably still have a bink if we let him. Sweet sweet Jack!

He felt very pleased with all the birthday attention all day, and told people about his birthday for days after. He woke up and wanted to open presents first thing!

He got a spiderman shirt, spiderman bedding, a mitt/baseball, and painting supplies (and probably more that I have forgotten in the past two months. Third child problems.)

Stockton was particularly excited about the spiderman comforter, and Natalie was always hovering close by, ready to help open presents.

....this mess took less than two minutes to make

 Jack's favorite food is pancakes, and that's what he wanted instead of an actual cake. He got to choose frosting to decorate his pancake and he was SO excited. (Also, birthday pancakes might have to be a new tradition, at least for Jack's birthday. SO EASY.)

 My mom got him this ice cream scooper play set, and he LOVES it. Definitely his most used present.

 Jack was born a day after our friend Julia, so we decided to celebrate together at the park with all our friends. Aren't they the cutest together!?

 We love our Jack. His love of life is infectious, and we hope he always keeps that energetic enthusiasm in all that he does. He's a wonderful brother, and he still gives the best hugs. He's terrified of spiders (and vampires, ghosties, bugs, the dark, mice, scary dinosaurs, and basically everything else), and has to fall asleep with the hall light on. He loves playing with friends and is finally not a complete train wreck when I drop him off to be babysat. He still loves to whine, but he loves to laugh too, so it evens out. He never complains about being in the car, he's probably the best eater out of the three, and he likes following rules. He's very helpful and wants to be involved in what I'm doing. So excited to see how he'll grow and change this year, as long as he doesn't get too big...he is our baby, after all!

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