Monday, July 9, 2018

Natalie finishes Kindergarten!

Yeah, school has been out for almost two bad haha. I got behind on blogging and allowed myself to not feel guilty, knowing I would get to it when I felt like it. So now I feel like it!

Natalie couldn't have had a better first official year of public school. She had the most wonderful teacher, fun friends, learned a lot (including how to READ!), grew a lot (in all the ways), and still stayed my lovely Natsby through it all. She had so much fun, was very diligent about making sure she obeyed every rule, and always had a good story when I picked her up.

Some beginning/ending comparisons:

with the fabulous Miss Beck

first/last day of school!

They had a little Kindergarten graduation for the three classes on the last day of school. Stacy, my neighbor, was up close so she sent me lots of pictures. They sang some adorable little songs and got little diplomas and were beaming from ear to ear.

 It was great to have family there, celebrating with us! I kept thinking about Mr. Incredible saying, "they're just finding another way to celebrate mediocrity!" but it's a fun time to gather together and support our Natsby.

We went out for ice cream after school, and Makall some fun pictures (I envy her phone camera!)

 ....aaaand, my grainy/gray phone pictures:

Earlier that month they invited families to come for May Day, sharing hot dogs on the lawn outside the cafeteria. Jack was overjoyed about the whole affair, especially seeing Natalie come down the hall, but Stockton had to pee and refused to go at the school, so he didn't enjoy himself. I love seeing Natalie in her school environment!

 One day when we picked Natalie up from school she went to the back to get into her seat and then all of a sudden rushed up front and jumped in my lap, saying "I just needed a biiiiig hug!" It was so cute and sweet and I'm glad I documented it.

 Some examples of her writing....she personalizes every note she writes to be special for whoever it's for. She wrote "green" because that is Trace's favorite color. She was especially proud of her borders and pointed them out to me multiple times.

 When my parents' sell their house next year they said they will take us to Hawaii, and Natalie couldn't stop talking about it for a week. She brought this home from library day haha. (She might not even be going, but she certainly thinks she is! She's very nervous about volcanoes, though.)

I love her I love her I love her! So proud of her - how kind she is, how accepting she is, how capable and curious and adventurous she is, and how perfect she is as our lovely daughter. So grateful she came to our family!

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