Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer Life

We went to my parent's ward at 9am one Sunday and then drove around afterwards so the boys could have a much-needed nap. I love how it always seems like their heads lean the same way when their napping in their carseats. Sweet little blondies!

Stockton is picky about how he dresses every day, but Sunday is worse because he has less options. I'm repenting of all the times I judged parents for how their kids were dressed at church when I was growing up, because now I understand! It's rare for Stockton to let us put on a button-up, collared shirt, but he'll usually consent to a polo, so we compromise. Some Sundays are rough enough that he shows up in ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt, and you know what? It's totally fine.

Jack has been VERY interested in ties lately. He loves choosing which one of the four he has to wear each Sunday, and then proudly showing it off.

 That same Sunday that we went to Papillion for church the kids needed some park time while everyone else was in afternoon nap mode, and I was tempted to have a bad attitude that I had to leave my comfortable, cozy spot on the couch to trudge to the park on a hot day while the other adults got to lounge, but then I got to the park and felt the gentle impression that I was doing what mattered most and being there for my beautiful children. Stockton even consented to take some sweet pictures with me : )

 Jack and Austin built a fire while we waited for dinner. I love this backyard!

 Natalie gets to do some pretty fun things, being the oldest child. She got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's and they got some fun art for her to create on their deck.

 this picture is for posterity: the last picture of a complete mouth of baby teeth! She has since lost both bottom middle teeth.

She got to come to stake volleyball and watch me play, and then come to Tico's with my family while the boys were in bed. She's so fabulous.

Austin had to take a break from playing UNO so he could get ready for church, so Natalie played with Kitty instead. .....Kitty lost.

Stockton still turns to purple blankie when he's upset. One day he stayed in this position in the depths of despair for so long that he fell asleep.

 Sometimes he copes by being cozy with PB and bringing a toy into the mix.

And sometimes he and PB mope in transit, following me around.

so happy about their free cheese slice at HyVee....notice that they
both have their zoo manta rays in hand haha

 We play-doh, we read, we paint...

We play in the rain, watch Netflix, get cozy on the couch...

 We mow, and we match.

Summer is fun because it's so much more flexible with less repetition in our schedules, but I find the lack of routine to be exhausting sometimes. I'm plagued with chants of, "what are we going to do today? What's the plan for this afternoon? Which friend is coming over today?" and my personal two least favorites: "I'm borrrreeeddd," and "I'm hunnngrrrryyy." First of all, we have a thousand toys and I'm going to throw them all away if you tell me you're bored one more time. Second of all, YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY. You had a peanut butter toast, a banana, two popsicles, two cheese sticks, a gogurt, a handful of sunflower seeds, and a piece of bread, all within the last hour. I KNOW YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY.

Going to the splash pad is definitely one of the preferred summer activities. It never ceases to amaze me that they don't get tired of it!

Jack, Natalie, and Stockton are all in a row in the center

again, in the center. I love when they sort of stay together, because most of the time they go off
to their personal favorite splash pad areas

PopPop taking Stockty to go see the "yucky pool." He came shrieking back to me, terrified
of a duck haha. 

he wouldn't leave my side for a few minutes
after the duck incident, but he did oblige
me with a smile 
We saw Incredibles 2 one morning while Stockton was at ACT clinic. Jack did a really nice job staying in his seat or close to it, but Natalie was all over the place, pouting that she didn't get popcorn and asking to go the bathroom - I kid you not - SIX TIMES. 

 I loved this view one morning on my way out of Lincoln. I've made this drive soooo many times going to Omaha/ACT Clinic and I have never, ever made this light, but I love this GIANT flag and always smile as I wait at this intersection.

And that's summer so far! Going fast!

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