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Thanks to Mimi and PopPop, Natalie started Ballet class at Nebraska Ballet Theatre! She was so excited for her first class - her leotard was at the school, but she still wanted me to take pictures with her bun before we left. 

PopPop actually took her on her first day because I had the musical - she had a great time! She was excited to get a stamp on her hand for doing a good job in class, and THRILLED to see her preschool friend Willow in her group. She said the hardest part of class was stretching - she "didn't want to bend over that far." She was also disappointed that they didn't wear their ballet shoes at the beginning of class, but they did get to wear them eventually.

I took her to class the next week and looked behind me to see this glowing ray of daughterly delight. Isn't she so shiny and precious?

Bring a friend to class was the following week, and Natalie invited Mabel. Willow is the girl next to Mabel in the bottom center, for the record.

I'm gla…

End of an ACT Clinic Era

It's been two months since we finished at ACT clinic, and I still get emotional looking at these pictures!
Stockton turned 5 this fall, so since he isn't officially a "toddler" anymore he graduated from the Autism Care for Toddlers Clinic and started preschool in Lincoln. It's been amazingly wonderful not having the drive to Omaha hanging over my head three days a week, but my heart still swells painfully when I think about all that ACT Clinic has done for Stockton and for our family. I will never, ever forget the time we spent there and how perfect and wonderful the program and people always were. 

Original ACT clinic post - it's amazing to look back and see how much he had already changed by then and especially how much he's grown over a year later!

Janelle was one of Stockton's most favorite helpers. For weeks after Janelle left Stockton asked where she was, or said goodnight to her when he was getting ready for bed, or asked to look at her picture…

Summer! (in retrospect, since it's October)

Smores and games with the best group of girls!

all the kids love playing basketball with Daddy, which suits him just fine (understatement)