Monday, October 8, 2018


Thanks to Mimi and PopPop, Natalie started Ballet class at Nebraska Ballet Theatre! She was so excited for her first class - her leotard was at the school, but she still wanted me to take pictures with her bun before we left. 

PopPop actually took her on her first day because I had the musical - she had a great time! She was excited to get a stamp on her hand for doing a good job in class, and THRILLED to see her preschool friend Willow in her group. She said the hardest part of class was stretching - she "didn't want to bend over that far." She was also disappointed that they didn't wear their ballet shoes at the beginning of class, but they did get to wear them eventually.

I took her to class the next week and looked behind me to see this glowing ray of daughterly delight. Isn't she so shiny and precious?

Bring a friend to class was the following week, and Natalie invited Mabel. Willow is the girl next to Mabel in the bottom center, for the record.

I'm glad she's trying ballet and liking it so far - she was sick today with a double ear infection and cough, so we almost didn't come, but she really really wanted to go, so it's clearly something that she's enjoying. The classes go from September to May, so she'll at least do that much, and if she wants to continue she can, or if she wants to try something else that's fine too. We all know that I have absolutely zero dance talent, so if she wanted to keep going she would definitely not get that skill set from me. It's fun to support her in working on something new, and I'm proud of her for listening to her teacher and being confident enough to try things in class without leaning on anyone else for reassurance.

Mini fieldtrip down the hall to see the "big dancers" work on their leaps...they were amazed!

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