Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Natalie's Early Birthday Party

Natalie wanted to invite her friends from school to her birthday party, but I didn't want to track down all their numbers/contact info for a party on her actual August 1st birthday. So we compromised and had a birthday party the weekend after school got out!

There were so many kids! I didn't count, but it was probably around ten classmates and then our four neighbors, plus our own children obviously. Natalie was in heaven opening all those presents and having these friends who she's only seen at school in her very own backyard.

isn't this a delightfully accurate portrayal of what summer should be like as a kid? lots of scrappy kids, swimsuits,
popsicles, watermelon, minimal parental supervision, and sunshine. I love it.

Stockton's watermelon heaven

water games! water balloons, water shooters, watermelon, water pool

Cupcakes and singing! I think the kids stopped for a total of 30 seconds to eat and then got back to playing.

It was a great, simple, happy party for Natalie! It was especially fun because her Kindergarten class was mostly made up of boys, and the girls in the class had birthday parties but only invited the girls (which makes sense for a small party), but I was proud of Natalie for wanting to invite all of her classmates, and so many of the boys and the parents commented that they were so excited that they were invited and had been looking forward to it all week. Natalie is such a kind soul and I'm always proud of her for that!

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