Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Stockton's Firtday

Stockton is capable of saying "birthday" correctly but he always says "firtday," which we find amusing. He's 5! And we loved celebrating him.

He found his birthday present early (curse our planning ahead and leaving the box lying around), but has loved playing with it: a big Monster's Inc scare floor diorama with action figures, doors and scream cans that fit into their proper places, and lots of fun little attachments. I hope he always has a soft spot for Monsters...it's a very Stockty thing.

Jack was Stockton's trusty accomplice in opening the off-limits box. Clearly I didn't mind too much, as I sat back taking pictures.

For his actual birthday we ordered a package of 200 suckers (5 pounds of Chupa Chups!) and he has loved the novelty of having that many. His favorite thing to do with any sucker is to open the wrapper and proclaim what color it is inside, and then study it for a while, taste it a couple times, and lay it down next to the others he has done the same thing with. We don't mind giving him a handful of suckers at a time because he really probably only ingests a total of one, with the limited licking he does.

 He had lots of helpers. The light is bad and the pictures are blurry but I'm glad you can see the joy these suckers bring Stockton!

He had a fun day at school - when they asked him if he wanted to sing Happy Birthday he declined, but they sent him home with a birthday crown and he was very proud of that. Sometimes he was okay with saying he was five years old, but more often he got mad when we asked him how old he was. He prefers saying "fouryearsold" lumped together in one word, but I do think he knows he's 5 now.

When Natalie got home we painted, which is one of Stockton's favorite activities, and then we played at the neighbor's house with Stella, their dog. Stockton is mostly afraid of her but he loves watching us throw the rope to her and thinks it's hilarious when she runs after it. He makes sure she's inside the fence and he is on the outside. He requested tacos for dinner, and wanted cupcakes. Jack and Natalie each took one and then I just gave Stockton the package, which he promptly took outside to enjoy in the privacy of his own porch. I couldn't resist taking some pictures - he was so content and relaxed and loved carefully using a fork to get a dainty bite of frosting off of each cupcake, which was all he ate. I love when Stockton is perfectly happy - he doesn't require anything grand, he just pays attention to what makes him feel good and is delighted when he finds something stimulating, like the frosting on cupcakes.

It was a simple, happy, Stockty day, and we're glad he felt loved. He's a special boy in many ways, and we're grateful he came to us five whole years ago.

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