Monday, October 8, 2018

Summer! (in retrospect, since it's October)

bundled on a cold spring day

Smores and games with the best group of girls!

Abe's at the park, complete with Jarritos

Natalie's brief but intense clown-drawing phase

all the kids love playing basketball with Daddy, which suits him just fine (understatement)

Stockton likes the vacuum/fan aisle at 

Jack still can't open this door

Stockton found a family picture canvas that was downstairs and carried it around all day

I started teaching piano lessons in May...I have 7 students

We saw Wicked in May - I can't remember if I already mentioned this but during the same flash sale in December my mom and I both independently bought tickets for the exact same Thursday night and then called each other to tell about our fun secret, only to find out that the other person had done it too! The show ran for three weeks and we happened to choose the same random evening. She gave the other ticket to Max. It was a blast! Super fun show. This is the third time both Austin and I have seen it (the first time we saw it together was in 2011 - I had seen it a couple years before that and Austin saw it without me right after Stockton was born).

PFS - potato fry Sunday

A family walk to HyVee. BEST DAD EVER.

Stockton was having a rough day and when Austin got home he asked to go for a walk, which we did and it was extremely pleasant. He quite literally stopped to smell the flowers, sweet boy.

We walked around downtown while our car was getting an oil change. It was HOT and we had to stop for water at Abe's even though we already at lunch at Blaze.

frantically running to get to the library // making "potions" with Ella

there is a child in there

the boys were SO sad when this display was replaced - they loved roaring at it

Dr. Stockton

Fourth of July - good food but SUPER hot day, ugh (hence splash pad)

Stockton wondering why Ripley was by his piano

art for HP month

Jack "cleaning" the windows

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