Tuesday, October 2, 2018


We definitely took advantage of our Omaha Zoo pass this summer, visiting basically once a week and taking turns going with different family and friends.

We always come prepared with snacks and drinks, because heaven forbid we go anywhere without a fully stocked kitchen cabinet in the diaper bag. This particular trip was spent with Lauren and Renetta and their kids.

Some times just Jack and I went, when Stockton was at ACT clinic and Natalie was with a friend or PopPop. Jack loves all of the animals and gets excited when he sees them up close. He was enthralled with these giraffes.

we had the zoo to ourselves on this rainy day!

Is he the cutest or what? Elephants are his absolute favorite animal, and he got to see them eating on this day. He was absolutely ecstatic and couldn't wait to tell everyone he saw that he got to watch the elephants eat.

The following pictures are from an especially hot morning at the zoo. It's making me sweat even thinking about it.

Jack with his elephants again

looking forlorn after a stint at the splash pad
(I don't think he was upset about anything though, just tired)
We got our money's worth out of our pass already, but hopefully we'll go again before it expires in May! It's a happy place to be.

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