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Max and Jessie take Minneapolis

Back in October Max and I drove to Minneapolis to see HAMILTON the musical! We started off the trip with peach rings (obviously) and two failed attempts at finding working aux cords. Bucky's off 72nd and i-80 hooked us up, luckily. 

 We had time to spare when we got there so we went to the Mall of America, where I got the perfume I had been looking for and Max got coy fish socks. We geeked out for a while in the Lego Store, especially admiring the Harry Potter sets. I chose lego keychains for Austin and the kids (Boba Fett, Darth Vader, ballerina, and Spiderman) and then we went to the hotel.

This was the spread that awaited us at our fancy steakhouse dinner - they roll this table over to you to show you all the cuts of meat, and I kid you not this lobster was the size of my torso. Also, it was alive still, which made Max and I kind of sad.

We celebrated Max's birthday from the previous weekend and let the waiter treat us to dessert. Then, it was HAMILTIME.

 I've loved Ha…

Good Day, Bad Night

Yesterday we went to Mimi's house for the last time before they leave for Christmas break. We will miss themmm...especially since the kids will all be home from school for like three weeks and even though I love them I've become accustomed to my ME time in the mornings!

 I'm sad these pictures are blurry because it was so cute - Stockton wanted Ernie to be buckled with him on our way to Mimi's

We watched Hotel Transylvania 3, folded/envelope'd Christmas cards, chased the cat, went to Target, had popsicles, and milled about pleasantly. We left in the afternoon so we could be home to make dinner (homemade pizza!), and then shared some ice cream on the couch. After I finished teaching a piano lesson we got in the car to go look at Christmas lights for family night. The kids were all cozy in their jammies and it was fun to pull them out of their seatbelts (!!) to come sit closer to us while we cruised the old paper route neighborhood. Austin talked about how Jesus Chri…

September Pictures

I hate to let these pictures get lost in the void of computer files without at least posting them here, so here they are from September!

 Daddy/Jack/Lebron James date to Pizza Ranch

 playing before preschool (it's weird to see all the green and no snow!)

 Stockton likes to perch here while I'm in the kitchen...he's getting so big!
 helping peel potatoes (Natalie got frustrated trying to cut them with a butter knife)
 I came home from the store and Austin was teaching the kids how to build a fire, which was so cute

 posters that the kids made for their teachers

 we played "drive-thru" every morning while waiting for glad this boy got a haircut since these pictures!

 fun in the Halloween section