Wednesday, December 19, 2018

AM I CAUGHT UP YET!? Oct/Nov pictures

Jack hasn't had formal naps in years, but he falls asleep pretty frequently in the afternoon. It's cute to come upon his relaxed sleeping body when I didn't realize he had fallen asleep. 

 Breakfast date with Mimi and PopPop! It's been so fun for Natalie to have monthly sleepovers at their house.

 More sleepover fun for my Natsby! 

 Natalie was excited to write Halloween on the calendar, and I'm not sure why she pluralized it but it made me laugh all month, especially with the apostrophe at the end!

 pictures from the school facebook page

 Mimi/PopPop babysiting while Austin and I went to the temple. It's so nice to have this park right behind their house!

 Ear infections for Natalie // Gracie tagalong (boys at school)

 I love that they love being cozy with me

 Natalie and her "vampire friend" // Jack playing the "qwano"

 heading to Mimi's! // another family night portrait

 Natalie was diligently doing her homework and Jack REALLY wanted to be involved

 A nice Sunday morning - we baked cookies, wrote notes to our friends, made "fish" and put them in a plastic "pond," and Natalie drew a picture of our friend for his baptism later that day

 Stockton loves this horrible dirty pink armchair // drawing in the steam on the window

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